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A few prompts back, our friend over at dVerse Poets Pub, Kanzen Sakura (Toni Spencer) introduced us to another form, the Bussokusekika. It is a Japanese poetic form that follows the rules of tanka, except there are six lines with three seven syllable lines that end the poem for a 5-7-5-7-7-7 syllable count. Today, we’ll take a shot at the Bussokusekika.


This is a link to Toni’s blog with her example of this form!




dense gray fog at dawn
curtain masks outside windows
nothing can be seen
as I stand enjoying haze
a glimmer of light pokes through
curtain rises – trees appear

© Sara McNulty – 2016



she sings like sunlight –
softly touching all it sees
her song – a blessing
meant to comfort all who hear
beauty is her melody
tender music is her soul

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

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    Miracles break forth
    as we observe golden rule
    Forgiveness opens
    reconciliation doors
    Families are soon restored
    miracles of mended hearts

  2. connielpeters on said:

    Housework Neglected

    Crumbs crunch underfoot
    Smudges cover kitchen floor
    Dirt and dust taunt me
    I chose to do other things
    But now I want nothing more
    Than to see sparkle and shine

    Lonely Moon

    Like a smile it hangs
    cocked crookedly in the sky.
    Courageously tries
    to endure this waning phase,
    like me, waiting till you’re home
    and my arms are full again.

  4. William Preston on said:

    To title or not to title? Oh, well…


    We were teen-agers
    when we exchanged our first kiss.
    Our parents were stunned;
    horrified, in fact, but they
    did not comprehend that we
    got our braces entangled.

  5. Sara, Your poem as just like being there! I could feel the fog dissipate in the last line. Beautiful.

  6. William Preston on said:

    Walt, your piece made think of Venus, the morning and evening star, and the goddess.

  7. Walt, I read then re-read your poem.
    Such a delightful read. Esp. loved this line ‘Beauty is her melody’.


    Dawn, September-hued
    Hints at heaven-mirrored sweeps
    Deeps filled with charred gold
    Beneath velvet folds of mist
    Earth, a table harvest-heaped
    Man, a monger mercy-kissed
    Grapples with Hope’s ling’ring Weight

    © Janet Martin

  9. Sara, I love the fog. I’ve seen this scene just as you describe it.

    Walt, all those lovely esses… how they soften the sun’s song

  10. Walt, such a tender tribute. Impressive.


    Love is not a sword
    that pierces the hearts of two
    making them both bleed,
    but rather a magic wand
    and a sprinkle of red dust
    to render the two as one.

  12. Thank you Walt for honoring this ancient Japanese poetic form, which name means “footprint of Buddha”, found on a stone outside an ancient Japanese temple. Here is my offering for today for you. the tanka has no uppercase letters, no punctuation except for the short aspirated dash, and the the 4th line acts as a pivot line separating the upper from the lower lines. Thus, it follows the rules for tanka! Hope you all enjoyed this form. I certainly enjoyed reading all the offerings!

    in this cathedral
    of trees preparing for sleep –
    last dreams of summer –
    light filters through the leaves –
    gentle golden lullaby
    spring will soon return – now sleep

  13. Walt and Sara, I am not sure how to send my chapbook and the front page rules, etc for the july prompts on summer. I tried to find it in archives as I am sure you have addressed it before I came back. Please, could you post again the way you want the chapbook compiled. Thanks so much.


    mountain mist surrounds
    mountain peaks covered in snow
    reflected on lake
    the majesty of nature
    erupting in the distance
    a crane rests in its shadow

  15. Earl Parsons on said:


    ‘Tis another dawn
    Unlike any other dawn
    Day has been turned on
    Last night is forever gone
    Terminated by the dawn
    Another chance to move on

    © Earl Parsons

  16. Earl Parsons on said:

    If Only

    Blessings await us
    More than we can imagine
    Some earthly rewards
    Many stored up in Heaven
    God’s rewards are plentiful
    If only we would believe

    © Earl Parsons

  17. A fun form. Thanks.

    Bare Bones

    Yesterday’s calm slipped
    into a blind feral wind,
    naked and ruthless,
    a murdered bruising day for
    wasps drunk on whiffs of apple
    with bare bones that gores the sky.

  18. William Preston on said:


    Once upon a time
    a game that suspended time
    was played all the time
    on vacant lots and sandlots
    by boys who had lots of time
    for the national pastime.

  19. Glad I took TIME to read your poem. I like trips down memory lane. Good job, Bill.


    still sun-dazed I stre-e-e-tch
    the final days of summer −
    clinging onto light
    I ignore the calendar
    that warns of cold days ahead.

    ~ Nurit Israeli

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