POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.


Welcome to the Original POETIC BLOOMINGS.

We are happy to present our new vision for an old familiar place where the poet in you can put down roots and flourish. We will continue to stay true to our mission: to propagate poetry and the people who pose it. We are all about YOU. Promotion is part of this battle we wage, and if POETIC BLOOMINGS can aid in some small way, then we have accomplished much! Join us regularly to stay abreast of goings on, prompts, poetic forms, links to other poetry forums and our contributing poets, interviews and whatever else we deem important  for your information and enjoyment. We are glad to host you. Take a walk along with us as our poetic garden blooms. Once again, welcome to POETIC BLOOMINGS!





What would Walter J. Wojtanik say about himself if he were still with us? I haven’t the slightest clue. But I’ll tell you what I do know. Walter came about his poetic wile the old-fashioned way. He EARNED it! (Where the hell is John Houseman when you need him?) The once shy and unassuming nebbish (hard to believe it, isn’t it) found his way around words at an early age, writing science fiction at ten, love songs for a future lovely at thirteen and found poetry soon after he realized his lyrics were rather poetic. And yes, there really is such a thing as found poetry!

A Creative Writing elective as a high school senior opened his eyes to the process and nuance of poetic thought. He graduated and let all that knowledge languish unused for thirty-five years. Trust me when I say that words unread are not dead. They only sleep. Walt woke them up in April of 2009 when he found an enticement to attempt a Poetry Challenge. In the course of thirty days, Walt lost his first true love to cancer,  met some incredibly talented and encouraging new friends and churned poems out to the pace of 10-12 poems a day. He was committed. (Or at least he should have been!)

One of the poetic friends he met was a woman from the Toledo, Ohio area who became the push (read… kick in the posterior) for him to strive for that lofty goal. That woman? Golda Meir… no, I mean Marie Elena Good. A friendship was formed that lasts to this day and survived the machinations of a joint poetry blog, “Across the Lake Eerily”, the pre-cursor to what would become POETIC BLOOMINGS. And the rest, as they say… is a mystery!

Walt continues to write his poetry, being chosen 2010 Poet Laureate for the April Poem-A-Day Challenge at Poetic Asides. To date he is the author of numerous poetry collections and chapbooks which include WOOD and RETURN TO WOOD (about his boyhood home and stomping grounds), and his DEAD POET series (…Once Removed, …Not Quiet Yet, and …the Preposterous Pre-posthumous Poems). He remains close to his native Lackawanna, New York, residing with his wife of 31 years and his goldfish of seven. Walt counts music composition, painting and wood working among his many acquired abilities, and he continues to bore people to tears with the growing list of such. Proving once again that nobody likes a smart-ass show-off!

Walt is a man of many faces and numerous poetry blogs, but for the most part his work can be found at

“Through the Eyes of a Poet’s Heart”






I thought I was a die-hard New Yorker, yet here I am residing in the Pacific Northwest for over seven years with my husband, John, and our two dogs, Marion Miller and Murphy. A tug of war does exist within me, because I miss family and friends.

However, joining a poetry group out here was a wonderful move for me. Voices in Verse meets once a month to share poems or simply listen to readings.

With encouragement from Robert Lee Brewer of Poetics Aside, and his followers, I finally set up a blog called Purple Pen In Portland. Yes, as some of you already know, purple is my favorite color, and I write in purple ink before typing. Sometimes I reside in Alice’s Wonderland, which takes me out of myself with the help of charismatic characters.
A vivid imagination makes that a seamless move. My office is filled with Wonderland prints, and a hanging teacup.

Being an addictive poetry site person, you may find my scribblings at Poetics Aside, Poets United, Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads, The Sunday Whirl, Magpie Tales, Margo Roby’s Wordgathering, dVerse Poets Pub, and my favorite haiku site – Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem. (links to all can be found in the “Other Poetry Places” tab) I relish poetic prompts and form challenges, though I generally write in free verse. Fibonacci, shadorma, triolet, and haiku are some of my favorites.

My work has been seen in these publications: The Avocet, Still Crazy, Writer’s Digest Competition Collection, Poetsespresso and let’s not forget the anthology, POETIC BLOOMINGS: The First Year.

It is a great honor to be working with Walt Wojtanik, whose poetry I have admired for many years. POETIC BLOOMINGS was always my favorite family, and I am thrilled that it is reuniting.

My other works will be on display at my blog:

“Purple Pen In Portland”






Paula Wanken

I am a “bureaucratic administrative coordinator” by day and a poet/blogger by every other minute of the day, using prompts found online through places like Poetic Bloomings.
My tendency (as many know) is toward writing short forms, especially the shadorma. And I’m drawn to ekphrastic poetry and look forward to the (mostly) weekly photo prompt at Magpie Tales.
Having only been writing poetry since late 2010, I still consider myself very much a novice. Yet, I’m fortunate to have “bloomed” in this garden from its very beginning, which has taken me places I’d have never dreamed: I have had poetry included in two international anthologies: Prompted, published in 2011; and Poetic Bloomings: the first year, published in 2012; and have several poems featured alongside photos from an international group of photographers in a traveling exhibit of 100 Days of Summer 2014, whose first exhibit ran in Denver, Colorado, January 15-31, 2016 (which I was able to attend!)
When not being a bureaucrat or poet, I am “mom” to two cats, Tigger and Lucy. I’m a Midwest girl (having grown up on a farm in Iowa and spent an additional 14 years in the Chicago area) who was transplanted to Texas in 2003 to be the doting aunt of three (now grown) nieces.
My writings can be found on my blog,

“echoes from the silence”



24 thoughts on “OUR STAFF

  1. Carol Roycroft on said:

    Marie and Jane, Thank you for the beautiful and insightful glimpse into Jane’s world. I feel blessed to know her and benefit daily from her gifts in word and images and from sharing brief encounters with this special couple.
    Carol Roycroft

  2. Hey, there, all. This is for Walt, specifically. Do you want me to send you a dinky version for my page bio and links? I can do that if I know where you’d like me to send it.

    Thanis so much.

  3. Pingback: My Homepage

  4. I participated in Poetic Bloomings for the first time and find i’m having a very hard time sorting out others’ offerings in the long stream of comments.

    Have you considered using Mister Linky on http://www.blenza.com to provide a place for people to link in with a poem on their own blog? It’s free and so much easier for participants to use.

    • Hi Patti!

      We’re sorry you are having a hard time. You will notice that the new poems are generally on the far left margin, and the comments are tabbed in to the right and stacked.

      We feel part of what makes the Poetic Bloomings community so close and engaged with one another is the fact that most do indeed post here at home base. We do also encourage our poets to click on the links to one another’s blogs and leave comments when one posts a link to their poem.

      We appreciate your input, and hope you feel welcome to join in the fun here at PBs.

      Walt and Marie Elena

  5. I keep trying to confirm my subscription, but am told it can’t be activated. *Sob!*

    • Hi Rosemary!

      So good to see you here!! 😀 Did you click on the “follow” link, and plug in the information it requests? I don’t see any sign of you in our yahoo inbox, which is where our notifications go.

      Let us know if you continue to have trouble.

      Marie Elena

  6. Hey Poetic Bloomings. I have a question that I hesitate to put here. May I ask it via e-mail and if so what would you prefer? Write to Marie Elana?

    O–Here’s one that I do not hesitate to put here–I have a prose poem which to me feels too long to put in a comment. What do you think?

    • Hi Susan! You are welcome to use either poeticbloomings@yahoo.com, or mariegood@bex.net. I won’t speak for Walt’s personal e-mail. 😉

      As for a lengthy poem, you can either put a link to your blog in our comments, or go right ahead and post it in the comments. We’ve had more than one lengthy poem posted directly to our comments. S.E. Ingraham’s “Mother to Mother,” for instance, was 115 lines.

      Marie Elena

  7. Hi Marie Elena, Hi Walt,

    Browsing throughout some poems and just wondered if the First Blooms collection is still in the works?
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Wow. I feel like I just fell down a rabbit hole! Cooool!

  9. How do I get plugged in?? I’m a poet over at 2010 http://ajwagoner.com/. Please let me know. Thanks! God Bless! 😀

    • Welcome, “Cleaver!” I see you following us now, so you should start receiving prompts and such in your e-mail inbox, if you choose to do so.

      We’re happy to have you! How did you hear about us?

      Marie Elena

  10. Marie and Walt,

    We love your blog and have found your blog very inspiring. We would like to include you on our list of nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You can see the award from the blogger who nominated us here, http://snappingtwig.com/2013/01/26/inspiration-anyone/

    Should you choose to accept this award, here are the rules for accepting the award:

    The Rules

    Display the award logo on your blog.
    Link back to the person who nominated you.
    State 7 things about yourself.
    Nominate 15 bloggers for this blog and link to their pages.
    Notify these bloggers of the nomination and the awards’ requirements.

    We hope you consider accepting though there is no obligation and if you have received the award before, we understand you may choose not to accept another. However, we do hope you know we appreciate how you inspire us and we love your work as well as your blog!

    Meena Rose and Claudette Young

  11. Loving, loving, LOVING seeing these gardeners, and the links to my interviews with each one. Sara, Paula, and Pearl: Welcome!!

  12. How have I missed this site for so long. Glad to be here, thanks to Walt joining us at dVerse and looking forward to joining in whenever I can find time.

    • …and very welcome you will be, Victoria! This little community has flourished from simple beginnings and it is a very supportive and encouraging poetry place. Much like dVerse, we grown together in thoughts and words. Since 2011, POETIC BLOOMNGS has been a best kept secret waiting to be told to the masses!

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