Kelly enjoys writing for pleasure, as time permits.  Retired from her career in radio, she and her husband of 20+ years are raising their four children in Ohio (where she says, she WILL NOT retire).  Acknowledging that her life’s journey has been orchestrated by God, she enjoys sharing her story through her blog along with freelance writing and recording for clients around the globe through their company, DawnAudio Productions.

Gardenia is her bloom of choice due to the intoxicatingly beautiful scent but she finds by definition the Gardenia suits her well:

Gardenias have a well-earned reputation for being difficult specimens. 
However, if you persevere, you’ll be rewarded with elegant blossoms
and a sweet fragrance that simply cannot be matched by other plants.


Kelly’s blog, Half-a-Dozen Moments chronicles her life, her writings and her thoughts.

Visit to enjoy the journey.


© All postings and intellectual materials on this page are property of Kelly Donadio.

3 thoughts on “KELLY DONADIO

  1. And I Quote Me – Prompt #40

    “Until she proves to me she can’t, I’m going to assume she can” -Kelly Donadio

    No Limits

    Don’t hem me in with what you think.
    Your mind is a terrible place for me to stay.
    With all it’s boundries and limits and
    preconceived ideas.

    I have more to offer than your over-protective
    rules and low expectations will allow.
    Your worries, prejudice, or just plain stupidity
    won’t keep me from success.

    I know what you are thinking.
    Too bad your expression takes it cues
    from your mind and not from the
    reality of all I can accomplish.

    Sky-dive? Maybe or maybe not. But
    I’ll never know if it were up to you.
    Grab some oxygen, you’re going to need it,
    for I will certainly take your breath away!

    © 2012 DawnAudio Productions

  2. And I Quote Me – Prompt #40

    “Some things are costly and not worth it, while others are worth it, no matter the cost” – Kelly Donadio


    If it costs you honor, it costs too much,
    you have to look in the mirror tomorrow.
    If it hurts your family, pass it by,
    hurting those you love only brings sorrow.

    If it’s really cheap, take a second look,
    it may not be something worthwhile.
    If the road is long, don’t be quick to back out
    good things may come in the second mile.

    A high price tag, doesn’t always mean worth
    and some things are way out of skew.
    How you spend your time and money
    and love, truly shows what has value to you.

    © 2012 DawnAudio Productions

  3. A Friend Indeed – Prompt #10


    I don’t need a BFF
    just a good friend will do.
    We may have known each other for years
    or our connection may be rather new.

    I don’t need a BFF
    just a good friend will do.
    Where platitudes are not accepted
    and only the truth will come through.

    I don’t need a BFF
    just a good friend will do.
    Pretense and pride are dismissed
    we are here for each other, it’s true.

    I don’t need a BFF
    just a good friend will do.
    One who laughs with me and at me
    as long as we can laugh at you too.

    I don’t need a BFF
    just a good friend will do.
    I’m careful when choosing good friends
    could my non-BFF be you?

    © 2011 DawnAudio Productions

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