Andrea Heiberg

I started writing in English in the autumn of 2006. After a couple of years, in spring 2008, I sent a sample of my work to a British editor firm and asked for a critique – and the response was: “There’re errors sprinkled all over the place but there’s actually a story here.” This was my first review.

I was so lucky to reach an American editor who edited my stories and she also had me introduced to Poetic Asides. There I met Andrea Porter from the UK who helped me get published. Last year Salt Publishing created “Next Stop: Sejer Island,” which is a collection of my short stories.

So from being a completely unknown Danish writer who writes in English, I become the Andrea Heiberg, the second Danish author who writes this kind of fiction directly in English – Karen Blixen being the first.

Here, on Poetic Bloomings, I enjoy poetry and the pulse of worldwide life.

Here you can read my short story “A Kingdom for a Kalashnikov”:

Here you can read a review:

Here you can see the opening of my short story “Where There is Fish, There is Hope” (scroll down):

Here you can read about me:

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13 thoughts on “ANDREA HEIBERG

  1. Prompt 41


    I say
    the truth is that
    I’m twenty one,
    and add,

    Though in my fifties I
    sense this childish
    on my face
    when asked,
    how old I am.

    Old enough to be your mom?

    Na, I’m not old enough for anything
    to tell you
    that I love you.

    And when you tell me
    you love me, too,
    I wish
    that I could live for ever
    and I tell you
    I’m twenty one,

  2. Prompt 42


    No one lives in glasshouses.
    No, granddad doesn’t.

    Well, when I say he doesn’t,
    he doesn’t.

    What has stones got to do with it?
    Oh, so they said you shouldn’t throw stones?

    Oh, the saying with the glasshouse?
    That’s a great one.

    Yeah, great,
    only it says rocks,
    not stones.

    Well, when I say it says rocks,
    it does.

    No, granddad doesn’t throw rocks and
    he grows tomatoes
    in his glasshouse.

    Yeah, great,
    but not stones.
    You’ve got it now.

  3. Prompt 43


    The days never end but
    for the longing of
    the damping forest
    the on shore wondering,
    the red-necked grebe
    on its way
    with her two heavy babies on her back,

    No, the days never end.

  4. Prompt 44


    When you saw
    chewed the old
    bought a
    Genever for
    lined up the stairs
    Anne Frank,
    picked a yellow
    water bike and
    pedalled through the canals
    learnt how small
    you are
    among ocean going ships in
    the industrial harbour,
    that’s when
    you wonder
    how a gondolas
    feels like
    that’s when you reach out for your bag
    to put a tick next to
    Venice it is tomorrow.

  5. Prompt 45


    This is not about breast feeding,
    this about another proud mother
    who knocked down somebody
    on a road,
    a trail
    a curling, narrow,
    in a park
    in order to come home
    safe and sound
    for her little baby.

    Better safe than sorry
    she said
    when a young man
    claimed he’d been
    a monster.

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  7. Friday night silence
    gives me freedom from existence
    the stove hisses
    because of the partly wet pieces
    of wood.
    The candle is almost burned down
    the light flickers and is gone.
    Friday night silence
    enjoying the distant shine from the moon.

    (Amazing spot yo’all have here…)

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