Daisy Chain

De Jackson

Patricia Hawkenson

Barbara Young

Andrew Kreider

Connie L. Peters

R J Clarken

Kelly Donadio

Mark Windham

Carol A. Stephen

David De Jong

David De Jong

Debi Swim

Debi Swim


Earl Parsons

Marie Elena Good

Sara McNulty

Patricia McGoldrick

Vivienne Blake

Hannah Gosselin

Laurie Harris Kolp

Paula Riggs

Sasha Palmer

Kimiko Martinez

Janice Sheridan

Marie and Walt


Michelle Hed


Walt Wojtanik


Sally Jadlow

Pat Anthony

Nancy Posey

Walter J Wojtanik

Catherine Lee

Dyson McIllwain

Jane Penland Hoover

Laurie Kolp

Iris Deurmyer

Daniel Paicopulos

Janet R. Martin


Sheryl Oder


Earl Parsons


Sally Jadlow


Marilyn Braendeholm

Page Updated: Aug. 6, 2018

28 thoughts on “Daisy Chain

    • You gave me what I need Viv. I’ll visit your blog and get the rest and have you up by end of day Wednesday. Thanks. Walt

  1. YAY! Thanks, Marie Elena. I had checked a few times, then got busy with stuff and didn’t check back till now. I have just surfaced from the 10-week Modern & Contemporary American Poetry course from UPenn via Coursera. Intense, fun, but no time to write! But now I know not only who these poets were, but am much more familiar with their writing and who they networked with back in the day. Recommend this to all next time it comes available. Amazing depth, esp. for a free course! Carol


  3. Sporadic as I am with my reading & writing, I DO remember seeing a notice about this at some point and then… I must have wandered off. 😐 Will be back to check out these sites and I would love to be included also — if you’re willing to add me to the daisy chain? My blog “Wander, Ponder, Poems & Pix” can be found here: http://wanponpopix.blogspot.com/
    Thanks, Marie & Walt for all the time & energy you spend and all amazing things you do for poetry and the poets who visit this site — no matter how infrequently. :-]

  4. I am still struggling to get my now-properly formatted poems with a correct colored background and font. Is that why my blog is not there, or did you just forget to add it?

    • Thanks to Barbara Young, my blog is now OK. Right now I don’t see her blog up there either. Am I missing something?

  5. Too Early

    Spring is newborn
    Rain falls, but winter’s breath lingers
    Cottonwood bloomed
    Too early

    Not hail, unconvinced slush
    Gray raindrops end on new grass
    Days-old white blossoms

    A sigh, a silent wet landing
    Ivory perfection one breath, then
    pedals decapitated, slowly interred
    Mud unmarked

    But not forgotten
    Life, so brief, fragile, beautiful
    I saw your advent, your decay

  6. Walt & Marie Elenaa, have something for book shelf? Don’t know if/how to enter. Just came out from Cholla Needles Press and is on Amazon https://amzn.to/31cBQJs — don’t know protocols here for how to share? Or if it’s by invitation only. book is Between Two Cities on a Greyhound Bus.
    Thanks for helping me out.

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