POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.

Daisy Chain

De Miller Jackson

Patricia Hawkenson


Terrie Hope

Barbara Yates Young

Andrew Kreider

Connie Peters

R J Clarken

Sheilagh Lee

Kelly Donadio

Amy Barlow Liberatore


Mark Windham

Carol A. Stephen

David De Jong

David De Jong

Debi Swim daisy chain image

Debi Swim


Nessa Jay Meraki


Earl Parsons

Irene Golembo

Irene Golembo


Sally Jadlow

Mary Mansfield

Sara McNulty

Patricia McGoldrick

Flashy Fiction

Sheri Tardio

Vivienne Blake

Hannah Gosselin

Laurie Harris Kolp

Oscar Sparrow

Paula Wanken

Sasha Palmer

Lisa VH

Kimiko Martinez

Janice Sheridan

Scriptor Obscura

Walt Wojtanik


Michelle Hed


Walt Wojtanik

Michael J

Michael J


Sally Jadlow

Nancy Posey

Khara House

Dheep Balasubramanian

Walt Wojtanik

Catherine Lee

Andy David

Jennifer Jackson

Dyson McIllwain

Margo Roby

Jane Penland Hoover

Laurie Kolp

Iris Deurmyer

Daniel Paicopulos

Janet R. Martin

Erin Hope

Erin Hope


Sheryl Oder


Earl Parsons


Sally Jadlow

Chi Holder

Chi Holder


Marilyn Braendeholm

26 thoughts on “Daisy Chain

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for including my blog site here!!! I really appreciate it and am so honored to be a part of this poetic home! Blessings and smiles always! 🙂

  2. Having participated from the start I didn’t know that I should be on here. How do I go about it? http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com

    • Poetic Bloomings on said:

      You gave me what I need Viv. I’ll visit your blog and get the rest and have you up by end of day Wednesday. Thanks. Walt

  3. A busy time this month but finally got to come by – so exciting to see that I a now included here – thank you. Hope to be more active again in February.

  4. Oops! Don’t see my link on the chain. Here it is:


  5. Scriptor Obscura on said:

    I would love to be added!


    Thank you so much!

  6. my site was here at one time, but it seems to have gone the way of my mind…err, what were we talking about?

  7. oh yes, that’s what it was…have I mentioned that I love you guys?

  8. Right back atcha, Pai Man! (That Walt, he’s a quick one, isn’t he?)

  9. I’m a little confused (nothing new). Do you want us to select one or more of our poems from this site? Where should we post?


  10. Janet on said:

    Just wondering if it would be okay to add my blog here?


  11. Hoping you’ll add my blog to the chain. I haven’t kept as in touch with the poets from PAD as I would have liked, and this is a great way to do some of that!


    Carol A. Stephen

  12. Hi all! Our notifications haven’t worked quite like we would wish. Sorry we missed your messages here, Janet, Carol, and Sara. We’ll get those links up asap!

    Sara, I think you must be talking about the Poet Recollections page. And yes, you would post poems from our Bloomings prompts on your page. Your own page is here: http://poeticbloomings.com/poetic-recollections/sara-mcnulty/ .

    Hope this helps!
    Marie Elena

  13. YAY! Thanks, Marie Elena. I had checked a few times, then got busy with stuff and didn’t check back till now. I have just surfaced from the 10-week Modern & Contemporary American Poetry course from UPenn via Coursera. Intense, fun, but no time to write! But now I know not only who these poets were, but am much more familiar with their writing and who they networked with back in the day. Recommend this to all next time it comes available. Amazing depth, esp. for a free course! Carol

    • Adding fuel to BD’s hint for 1a, a “cut” is also a common term for a batting stroke in cricket, so if the batsman cut the ball and ran he will have &#c#20;s8ored&28221; one or more runs.


  15. Sporadic as I am with my reading & writing, I DO remember seeing a notice about this at some point and then… I must have wandered off. 😐 Will be back to check out these sites and I would love to be included also — if you’re willing to add me to the daisy chain? My blog “Wander, Ponder, Poems & Pix” can be found here: http://wanponpopix.blogspot.com/
    Thanks, Marie & Walt for all the time & energy you spend and all amazing things you do for poetry and the poets who visit this site — no matter how infrequently. :-]

  16. sheryl kay oder on said:

    I am still struggling to get my now-properly formatted poems with a correct colored background and font. Is that why my blog is not there, or did you just forget to add it?

    • sheryl kay oder on said:

      Thanks to Barbara Young, my blog is now OK. Right now I don’t see her blog up there either. Am I missing something?

  17. Hmm, my blog is missing. I think Walt and I had talked about it just last fall. Let me know the scoop but if you can add me I would love it. Thanks!

  18. Hi all!

    If you don’t see your blog here, and would like it added, please send the information to us at poeticbloomings@yahoo.com, and include “Daisy Chain” in the subject line. Be sure we have your link, and name as you wish it to appear here. Thanks!


  19. Thanks for including my blogs. And for including so many others. Now I gotta’ make time to check them all out.

  20. Thank you for including my link! Much Love and Inspiration :)xx

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