2 thoughts on “LAURIE KOLP

  1. Spring Ahead Prompt #47:

    Sanguine Spring

    Yes spring, how I love you so
    with your ravishing pinks, yellows, greens
    blooming in front of my eyes like a helix
    or a kaleidoscope of pastels washing away
    winter’s sadness. No longer must I trod
    through sullen fields of sticky maple
    dreams, walking cane in hand, wishing
    for relief in a later day. With a flip
    of nature’s switch, almost overnight it
    seems, I see the lily and tulip budding
    sanguine promises of new beginnings, fresh
    starts replacing gray winter’s grief
    and doubt with hope-filled sunshine.

  2. In-Form Poet: Parellelogram De Crystalline

    My Sunshine

    solar flare
    illuminates the room
    every time I see your vibrant smile

    shining forth
    this aureole of you
    burning with desire my aching heart

    ever since
    your light refused to reach
    the depths of my darkened soul, I long

    to see your
    rays beaming once again
    illuminating the room with cheer

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