RJ Clarken has been published in Writers Digest, Möbius, AsininePoetry, USA Today Online, Sol Magazine and Trellis Magazine, among others. 

For the past five years, she was Editor of Goldfinch, the literary journal of WomenWhoWrite, a NJ not-for-profit women’s writing collective,.

RJ is the author of two books: Mugging for the Camera, a quirky, humorous collection of poetry, and Penny Wishes, a book of middle grade fiction. 


You can find some of her work on her blog: Lightverse – just for fun!


© All postings and intellectual materials on this page are property of RJ Clarken.

4 thoughts on “RJ CLARKEN

  1. Entertaining the Angel

    If metaphor/were sufficient,
    if every dream were a tattoo,
    a few of the remaining cherubim
    [would] burn twelve red lanterns
    and dragons [would be] drawn in azure ink.

    I don’t know somehow it seems sufficient…

    Title from Renee Ashley. Content: Lois Marie Harrod – The Mist, Grace Cavalieri – Blue-Green Spirit, Stephen Dobyns – The Gardener, Yusef Komunyakaa – Ambush, Elinor Wylie – The Puritan’s Ballad, A. R. Ammons – Gravelly Run

  2. Poquessing Creek

    The sun sets on Poquessing Creek.
    I watch it shimmer, but don’t speak
    because words can’t describe
    this sight of wonder so unique:
    primordial, with deep mystique
    and such a zen-like vibe.

  3. I am Blue

    The color which I most desire
    is frequently called blue sapphire.
    But any shade of blue will do.
    I ♥.♥.♥ the color blue.

    Celeste, cerulean and slate
    or denim, perse and royal? Great!
    There’s teal, smalt, cobalt…navy’d hue…
    I ♥.♥.♥ the color blue.

    Give me peacock (pavonated)
    even sky (so understated!)
    lapis, beryl and aqua too.
    I ♥.♥.♥ the color blue.

    The color which I most desire?
    I ♥.♥.♥ the color blue.

  4. Quidquid

    “Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.” (Anything said in Latin sounds profound). ~Anon

    If you speak Latin, you’ll sound smart,
    like Einstein, Plato and Descartes.
    But even more, most will not know
    what you have said. Just goes to show

    that but a few words, known by heart,
    proves you speak Latin. You sound smart!
    Thus when you postulate, ‘quidquid,”
    just say it once. Then say, ‘ibid.”

    Or then say, “Bibo ergo sum,”
    Some ‘Python’ fans will know, by gum,
    your toasts to Latin are so smart!
    So, “ergo,” now, here’s THE best part…

    To “carpe diem” (seize the day)
    use Latin. You’ll be “illiant-bray”
    and so profound, You’ll stand apart:
    if you speak Latin, you’ll sound smart.

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