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Memoir Project Chapbooks

YOLO by Walter J. Wojtanik


One thought on “Memoir Project Chapbooks

  1. This is a response to Prompt #111.

    Today, you are given random nudges, the replies to which will become the pieces to your poetic puzzle.

    1. Your mother’s first name: Muriel.
    2. A wild animal. Rat
    3. A city you’ve never visited, but would like to: Sao Paolo.
    4. A hobby: Cooking.
    5. A mode of transportation: running.
    6. Your least favorite vegetable. cauliflower
    7. A “lucky” number: 1,000,000
    8. Your favorite color: brown
    9. Three random words: Dad, permission,dread
    10. Historical event: Revolutionary War
    11. A childhood friend: Ted
    12. The street on which you grew up: church Lane

    On Church Lane my mother Muriel
    Loved cooking cauliflower but hated rats
    That played hide-and-seek,
    Running In the walls and halls of her kitchen
    Without her permission – a Revolutionary War
    House baited with traps and Mom
    Jumping on tables and chairs yelling for Dad
    And my best friend, Ted, to send the scary
    Brown Scamps to Sao Paolo – far away from
    Church Lane where she lived in dread
    Until the 1,000,000 brown soldiers were dead.

    – Gordon C. Stewart
    Chaska, MN (USA)

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