POETIC BLOOMINGS, a site established in May 2011 and which reunites Marie Elena Good and Walter J Wojtanik to help nurture and inspire the poetic spirit.


Click a link to discover who our amazing poets are, and watch for upcoming interviews!

 09/27/18        Earl Parsons

11/11/2014       Benjamin Thomas (The Poetry Shack)

07/24/2014     Pearl Ketover Prilik

06/19/2014    Rob Halpin

05/15/2014    Linda Evans Hofke

04/17/2014     Debi Swim

03/20/2014     Michelle Hed

02/20/2014    Marjory M. Thompson

12/19/2013     Walter Wojtanik

11/21/2013     William Preston

10/17/2013     Damon Dean (Sevenacresky)

09/19/2013     David De Jong

08/15/2013     Sheryl Kay Oder

07/18/2013     Erin Kay Hope

06/20/2013     Marian J. Veverka

05/16/2013     Jane Shlensky

04/18/2013     Linda Bahen Swenski

03/14/2013     Meena Rose

02/21/2013     Mary Rosenthal Mansfield

01/24/2013     De Jackson – Poetic Asides Poet Laureate

12/13/2012     S. Claus

11/15/2012     Robert Lee Brewer

10/18/2012     Andrea Heiberg

09/20/2012     Kimiko Martinez

08/16/2012     Elizabeth Johnson

07/12/2012     Daniel Paicopulos

06/20/2012     Pamela Smyk Cleary

06/06/2012     Iain Douglas Kemp

05/23/2012     Vivienne F. Blake

05/09/2012     Michael Grove

04/24/2012     Mark Windham

04/11/2012     Hannah Gosselin

03/28/2012     mike Maher.

03/14/2012     Janet Martin

02/29/2012     S.E. Ingraham

02/15/2012     Claudette Young

02/01/2012     Jane Penland Hoover

01/18/2012     Connie Peters

01/04/2012     Dyson McIllwain

12/20/2011     Kelly Donadio

12/07/2011     Margo Roby

11/23/2011     Marilyn Braendeholm (aka “Miskmask,” or “Misk”)

11/9/2011     Sara McNulty

10/26/2011     Patricia A. Hawkenson

10/12/2011     Amy Barlow Liberatore

09/28/2011      RJ Clarken

09/14/2011     Marie Elena Good

08/31/2011     Sheri Tardio (Lolamouse)

08/17/2011     Salvatore Buttaci

08/03/2011     Nancy Posey

07/20/2011     Paula Wanken

07/06/2011      Barbara Yates Young

06/22/2011     Laurie Harris Kolp

06/08/2011     Andrew Kreider

05/25/2011     De Miller Jackson

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  1. Poetic Bloomings on said:

    Thank you, Santa Walt! This is a grand idea!

    Marie ELFlena


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