My name is Dyson Douglas McIllwain, a Scot with a fancy for the written word. I had maintained a journal for a few years and have made an effort to rework the various pieces into several forms. However, my passions wax poetic.  Robert Burns inspires and I strive to honour him through my works of reasonable rhyme.

I admire footballers, although I am well past my prime to have played worth a damn. Cinema and stage plays entertain, but a good book of classic poetry sustains. I favour music as a means of expression; the sounds of the cauld pipes are hypnotic and spell binding. I no longer play much, but have remained active within our troupe.

I am working to resurrect my sad and sorry muse for the betterment of humanity. Bag a pipe; save the world!

Read my works at: SAY AYE TO THE HEART


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