Linda is a Speech Pathologist in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She loves writing of all kinds and has been writing poetry since childhood.   She feels that the things that are created with one’s hands, whether they are made of words or more substantial materials, seem to be the only work that remains done rather than having to be continually redone.  Linda has always dealt with her emotions by writing them down, finding it the best way to dispel anger and sadness as well as  to share happiness and love.  Her life experiences are chronicled in poetry and will probably continue to be so.

89 thoughts on “LINDA SWENSKI


    I look out across the distance,
    across time,
    across life.
    I see our joys and stuggles,
    our triumphs,
    and our strife.
    We’ve been through it all together,
    through laughter,
    and through tears.
    We’ve shared our lifelong journey,
    our life goals,
    and our fears.
    I am so lucky to see this horizon
    and my life
    joining you.
    We have have been quite fortunate
    in sharing
    such a view.

  2. UNCLE

    Brother of my Father and Mother
    a love given freely
    without obligation
    making me the special Other.

    A kind ear who is always there
    without judgement
    without guilt
    but guidance given with care.

    When I can’t go to Mom or Dad
    I know there is Uncle
    who will listen
    and help me not to feel so bad.

    Without you I feel quite lost:
    no more talks
    no more walks
    loneliness will be the cost.


    When a loved one is lost
    by death
    by distance
    by choice
    he stays in our hearts
    and in our minds
    instead of in our days.

    When you lose yourself
    through illness
    through confusion
    through neglect
    you are still in our hearts
    and in our minds
    instead of in our days.

    We will keep a piece of you
    until you want it back.


    In childhood my life was run
    by parents, teachers and adults.
    In adulthood, my life was run
    by spouse, children, and job..
    In retirement, for the first time
    my life is run by me.


    In this house, I keep all my memories.
    My children grew up here.
    I loved my pets here.
    Important decisions were made here.
    I found refuge from strife here.
    My marriage matured here.
    I entertained friends here.
    I cooked countless meals here.
    I accumulated possessions here.
    Life’s lessons were learned here.
    I grew old here.
    In many ways it contains my life.
    That is the meaning of home.


    You just click on my name
    and you know wherever I am
    I will answer as soon as I can.
    When nobody else is around
    You know somehow I can be found,
    I’ll be here, your Facebook Friend.


    Who am I fooling when I lie?
    Who am I hurting?
    Who will ever know?
    Who cares?

    Why not fabricate?
    Why care what others think?
    Why give away my truths.
    Why be honest?

    Where will lies lead me?
    Where do I turn?
    Where are the answers?
    Where does the truth reside?

    When will I be believed?
    When do I give up?
    When is the reckoning?
    When will I get it?

    What is the truth?
    What is reality?
    What can a lie accomplish?
    What is my problem?

  8. FAIRY TALE (Rhupunt form)

    I imagine
    there’s a dragon
    with a wagon
    in his big cave.

    The hero shows
    with swords and bows
    to end all woes
    and show he’s brave.

    But when he sees
    the dragon, he’s
    swayed by its pleas.
    And with a wave

    He says good bye
    with tear filled eye
    and with a sigh
    resigns to knave.

  9. Moment of Rapture

    After many yearsign
    of feeling alone
    and mostly ignored
    he put his arms
    around me and said
    what can I do
    to make you feel better?
    And for that moment
    I finally felt loved.


    The peace only found
    in my own back yard,
    achieving a goal
    that was really hard,
    believing in dreams
    that seem out of reach,
    a beautiful walk
    on a quiet beach,
    holding on to hope
    when it seems so lost,
    putting it out there
    not measuring cost,
    hoping that life is
    not troubles and pain,
    but only a list of
    the treasures we gain.

  11. MY HERO

    I know a man who spent his youth
    fighting for our nation.
    In Vietnam, to know the truth
    is just where he was stationed.

    While he was there he nearly died,
    but was saved by his brothers.
    Guilt he carries still inside
    that he could not sve the others.

    His health and peace were sacrificed
    although he lives on still.
    He doesn’t claim its overpriced
    and he never will.

    With all that’s happened still he lives
    to serve his country strong.
    With a passion he will always give
    to his country right or wrong.

    But now he gives to others too,
    to his wife and family.
    He feeds the birds and shows concern
    For other friends like me.

    For all our heroes, small or grand,
    for those we do not know,
    I hope we all will take a stand,
    some gratefulness to show.

    They are among us every day,
    folks who gave their all.
    We must appreciate the way
    they showed up for the call.

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