Established in May 2011 by Marie Elena Good and Walter J Wojtanik, to help nurture and inspire the poetic spirit.


"Pick the hills to die on."

S.E.Ingraham writes from Edmonton, Alberta on the lip of the Arctic Circle. While she admits to being addicted to the open mic, of late she finds herself yearning to be published. To that end, she submits, and enters contests continuously and has had several small successes but not the big print experience for which she longs.

In no particular order – always a lie, she readily acknowledges, but what can you do – her passions include her family, poetry, tilting at windmills and, making sure all publicly displayed paintings are hanging absolutely straight (hence the tiny carpenter’s level always handy).

Ingraham is also addicted to creating blogs (at last count, there were something like 10 functioning) These 4 are most often used for poetry …

THE POET TREEHOUSE     http://thepoet-tree-house.blogspot.com/

THE WAY EYE SEE IT        http://aleapingelephant.blogspot.com/

IN MY NEXT LIFE               http://nsaynne.wordpress.com/

THE BLOGAMIST                 http://theblogamist.wordpress.com/

The scientific  name for my bloom is Hibiscus syriacus, but it’s more commonly known as the Rose of Sharon.


© All postings and intellectual materials on this page are property of Sharon (S.E.) Ingraham.

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