This is the return of the original Poetic Bloomings — the site established in 2011 by poets Marie Elena Good and Walter J. Wojtanik,  after their first participation in The Writer’s Digest’s Poetic Asides April Poem-A-Day (PAD) Challenge in 2009. Meant as a means to stay connected while continuing to hone our skills collectively, it has been a place where creativity grows and flourishes in a supportive and encouraging environment. Please join us each Sunday for our prompts and examples, as well as the occasional highlighting of various poetic forms.


1. HAVE FUN. The guidelines aren’t meant to be restrictive. They are just to try to keep everyone on the same page. As with any poetic blog, the key point is to write! It is all about the process of writing poetry. If it is poetic, we will celebrate it here!

2.  “SUNDAY SEED.”  Every Sunday, we (as in mostly Walt!) will post a new prompt to our home page.  You may post your poems at any time throughout the week(s) ahead.    We hope that you try to keep to the prompt. It makes it easier to categorize the subject matter. But we are about the process here. As long as you’re writing, we’re all better for it!

3. HOW TO POST. Poems may be posted in the COMMENTS section for each prompt. You may also post to your personal blog and leave a link to your poem in your COMMENT. Better yet, write your poem in the comments AND include the link to your site at the end (in case you include photographs or other modalities to enhance your words). We’d like to see what you’ve got brewing.

4. WHO MAY POST? Poetic Bloomings is open to all poets, regardless of skill level, point of view, or age. As such, we encourage members to “be mindful of this when posting.”  Our goal is to encourage and learn from one another. Hopefully we’ll all gain a fresh understanding of the creative process.

5. “WILD CARD.”  We will have the occasional “WILD CARD” prompt to allow you to let your muse loose.

6. POET INTERVIEWS. We enjoy occasionally featuring one of our Poetic Bloomings members, or other special guests in impromptu interviews.  This includes samples of their work, advice, photo, etc. We will occasionally update past interviews and celebrate new contributors to PB.  Interviewing is Marie Elena’s favorite “job” here in the garden!

7.  “INFORM POETS .”  Also on occasion, we will feature a poem form for your consideration and information. (More of a tutorial for some of the lesser known or invented forms).  We encourage you to try your hand at these forms, although you are not under any obligation to do so.

8. “DAISY CHAIN.”  Please provide a link to your blog for our “DAISY CHAIN.”  We are about promoting your work and this will serve as our continued “directory.” You retain the rights to all your poems — we just wish to help give you another venue for exposure.  Links may be e-mailed to us at

9.  SPOTLIGHTDo you have a brand new shiny book you just got published? Have you received an honor?  Won a contest?  We’d love to hear about it, and announce it to the universe!  Or, at least announce it to our Poetic Bloomings community. 😉  Please drop an e-mail about it, including any appropriate links (i.e., where to purchase your book, etc.).  We’ll do the rest.  Our e-mail is .

10. BLOG HOPPING. We encourage you to visit the blogs of other poets and contributors regularly. Leave constructive and supportive comments. We want to nurture the expression of these creative works. Common courtesy would be nice; that’s how we build this community!

11. QUESTIONS may be directed to our e-mail: .

12. HAVE FUN.  Did we already say that?  Then it must be important. 😉

Any updates will be highlighted under that banner. We at Bloomings are working to re-establish a community of poets working for a common goal: the propagation of all things poetic. Plant your seeds here, and allow them to bloom in our garden. We look forward to your contributions to the creative process!

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    • Sal, perhaps you haven’t signed back up when we switched from blogger to wordpress. Actually, most of our “members” haven’t signed back up. To be sure, hit the little “follow” icon in the lower right corner of your screen. It will tell you what to do. If that does not help, please let us know. We’ll try to figure it out.

      Thanks much, Sal!

  1. I’ve been so “taken” with photography that I have not been attending to my poetry. I would love to begin again. This is a beautiful blog site you all have created. I’ll be looking back as I get time between writing and commenting to the new prompts. WOW !! Glad I found Poetic Bloomings again today.

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  5. We live, we die
    We give, we fly
    Leaving in winter
    Returning in spring
    Flowers and resurrection
    We bring

    Grief in short
    Mourning long
    Death comes in ice and snow
    Life rides equinoctial song
    Memories precious, bitter, sweet
    gathered in time short, and long

    Father has passed
    Buried in soil
    Dad is immortal
    In dreams nocturnal
    A being of love and light
    Memories eternal

  6. Love Lost

    Her face haunts him.
    She left a chasm in his soul.
    Thankfully, the scent of roses has faded.
    He blinks, not allowing intruding tears.
    If he could, he’d put all his feelings into print,
    then burn it.

  7. He Loves Me

    I’d get out of this slump of clouds and gloom
    Embrace yellow daffodils and red-orange tulips
    Juggle, skip, jump, dance, whirl about for fun
    Play and kick about in joy and enthusiasm
    Snuggle in comfort, bliss and warm fuzzies
    If I really understood how much You love me

  8. Engaging Conversation

    In a posh restaurant
    A quiet corner
    A flickering candle
    The small gold gift-wrapped box
    Sat conspicuously on the table
    She sat, imploring him with her eyes
    To quit talking about
    The goings on at the office
    The traffic
    The…on and on
    And propose already!
    Then she caught the glint in his eye
    He knew what he was doing
    Driving her to distraction
    Okay then
    She suddenly became interested
    In the workday, the traffic, the on and on
    Until that ring was on her finger.

  9. A Gift, you say.
    Where do I find one on this cold December day?
    The sky gray as my thoughts.
    I remember summer,
    You were with here with me,
    The sun on our skin,
    And hiding us with green, the tree.
    Naked to each other, our thoughts
    close, alive with love.
    And tree and earth and sky
    sang green and blue, above us
    lying there.

    And now here, in December,
    The memory,
    The gift.


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