This will be a bit of a different “form” presented this week. You choose a form with which you are very familiar, or challenge yourself with one you’ve been meaning to try. For the sake of this exercise, free verse will not be considered a “form”. Specify your chosen form and write your poem based on the theme of “LUCK”. Good luck, bad luck, it matters not. Just get lucky and get writing!



You need to play your cards right,
by playing the ones that are dealt you
and with some luck you just might.
You need to play your cards right,
just don’t keep playing through the night,
but bring your horseshoe and rabbit’s foot too,
You need to play your cards right,
by playing the ones that are dealt you

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

FORM: Triolet



They called him Lucky Luciano,
birth name was Charlie. He excelled
at gambling, penchant for crime.
Sentenced, then deported.
Heart attack felled him
en route to States.
Charlie’s luck
had run

FORM: Nonet

Sara McNulty

45 thoughts on “INFORM POETS – POT LUCK

  1. Walt, love your word-play this morning:0 The title of the challenge and of the poem! Let’s see what form i land on when i spin the wheel. Hope to see you soon but if not sooner then later. LOTS going on today!

  2. I feel a bit of a cheat, but it’s too hot to think. 😀


    Luck was
    a tapestry,
    days of infinity.
    Into your arms, a refugee
    of love.



  3. (A Diminished Hexaverse)


    You talk about luck
    As if all were good
    And those who have it
    Can wish upon stars
    That make poor men kings.

    I disagree.
    There are two sides
    To every fence:
    The good, the bad.

    If I could
    I’d bet on
    Only good

    But no.
    Bad luck



  4. Thanks for the form, Salvatore. I reversed it, which may or may not be cricket…



    comes through,

    no matter
    how much I
    think it won’t.

    It’s always there:
    in storm or fair
    it fills the air
    and brings despair

    because the only
    kind I ever see
    brings with it a curse,
    a sort of reverse

    But, what the hey, it’s mine.
    Although my luck is bad,
    it’s all I’ve ever had;
    it somehow makes me glad:
    I’d much prefer a pall
    than have no luck at all.

  5. my buddy, Mike, said he’d like to order a set of nesting bowls with a haiku, but he did not know how, so…

    How to Order

    Multi-colored bowls
    nesting in perfect sequence
    life’s joyful mixture

    Lucky Kid – Tricube

    take a chance
    try your luck
    just a buck

    came to town
    I was broke

    found a dime
    on the ground
    lucky day


    When luck is down, my prayers go up,
    And I request He fill my cup.
    At times, I feel that I will drown,
    My prayers go up, when luck is down.

    When feeling blue, I sing to Him,
    Thought it may sound so dull and grim.
    It’s just a thing, I’ve got to do.
    I sing to Him, when feeling blue,

    Like after rain, the sun appears
    His still small voice comes to my ears
    He comforts me in all my pain.
    The sun appears, like after rain.

    Anybody remember what this form is called?

    • I hear well-written iambics and aabb rhyming; can’t remember the b=name of the form, though.

    Even If I Could
    (ZaniLa Rhyme)

    Life has been interesting so far
    Nothing really to redo
    Even if I could, don’t think I would
    Take a chance on missing out on you

    Since the day you walked into my life
    Things just couldn’t be better
    Don’t think I would, even if I could
    Change one single minute or letter

    What’s behind is already written
    What ahead is still unknown
    Even if I could, don’t think I would
    Want to know what is for now unknown

    I’ll trust God with the minor details
    So far we’ve had a great life
    Don’t think I would, even if I could
    Disagree with His choice for my wife

    © Earl Parsons

    Lucky Girl

    Across the return of spring-like green, surreal
    After the laughter of warm August rain
    The poet gazes and spins thought’s word-wheel
    Willing the whisper of Muse to her brain

    Sweet summer morning, unravel a poem
    Revive her blight-stricken, heat-smitten mind
    Blind her to the kinder duties of home
    Where sometimes Poem is so hard to find

    Grant this Canuck a bit of Irish luck
    Charm Time’s fresh offspring with iambic smile
    Humor her hunger with rhymes that don’t suck
    Let her be a Lucky Girl for a while

    Walt called me Lucky Girl yesterday, so I typed the title
    And hoped he was right;-)

    Better late than never…

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