The Pathya Vat is a Cambodian verse form, consisting of four lines of four syllables each, where lines two and three rhyme. When a poem consists of more than one stanza, the last line of the previous stanza rhymes with the second and third lines of the following one.


Sorry for my late post. Flight issues.


Home to Portland
A fight delay
on ground, dismayed.
Six hour journey–

suddenly nine.
Fetch a gurney.
Salt Lake City–
need to refuel,

second landing,
I’ve blown my cool,
look like a ghoul.
Home? Three a.m.




I watch the time.
I’m not obsessed,
I do my best
to stay in sync.

Minutes fly past
and you would think
that it would stink
to show up late.

Yet, still I watch,
the time and date,
that’s just my fate,
I watch the time!

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

64 thoughts on “INFORM POETS – PATHYA VAT

    Hope For All

    The day is young
    And so, its hope
    Whereby we cope
    …God in control

    Press onward then
    Toward the goal
    Where only soul
    Can access Heav’n

    We, sinners all
    Can be forgiv’n
    The Lord is ris’n
    His death bought life

    Press onward then
    Time’s joy and strife
    Runs raw and rife
    Until we die

    This day is young
    And you and I
    Beneath its sky
    Are not alone

    Rejoice in this;
    Love’s gift of grace
    A resting place
    Where fear would reign

    Press onward then
    Through grief and pain
    Toward the gain
    Eye cannot see

    The love of God
    Abides, full-free
    Waits to explain


    I have a cat
    who sleeps all day
    except to say,
    “I want my food.”

    This dumb creature
    upsets my mood
    and makes me brood
    and sometimes scowl,

    for when I hear
    her screeching howl
    I grit my jowl;
    I grab her bowl

    and fill it, quick!
    And yet, my soul
    seems hale and whole
    when my cat purrs.

  3. ⛈ Here’s a little bit of thunder for you!

    Thunder’s Middle Voice

    Those black crow clouds
    Just keep rolling,
    Building, boiling,
    Then pouring scorn.

    Our summer storms
    Are whiskey warm,
    Like peppercorns’
    Heat wakening.

    We wait, listen,
    For the lightning,
    Thunder’s frightening
    Torn middle voice.


    Do not question
    why skies are blue.
    I’m telling you:
    Don’t even ask.

    Take in the scene
    as long it lasts
    across the vast
    of Heaven’s floor.

    his gifts galore
    and thank the Lord
    Who stilled the sky.

    Enjoy the blue.
    No need for why,
    just softly sigh.
    And say, God’s great!


    Nap Interrupted

    I took a nap
    this afternoon,
    and woke too soon.
    I was a grump.

    The day was fine,
    but for the bump.
    Felt like a lump.
    Like in a dream.

    I moved forward,
    building up steam
    and joined the team.
    Let me sleep, please.

  6. Oh my, poor Sara! I am NOT a “plane” type of person. I’ve only been on an airplane 3 times in my life. I just might keep it that way. 😉 Great little poem, especially for being exhausted. Get some rest!

    Walt, what fine example you’ve placed before us … as usual!


    Four syllables,
    imagine that:
    a Pathya Vat!
    The poem’s done.

    He Said It So

    He said it so
    Believe I do
    How about you
    What do you say

    Be not afraid
    This is His day
    He gives this day
    To you and me

    To worship Him
    The unseen God
    Some call this odd
    No proof He is

    But I see Him
    In all that is
    For all is His
    Including me

    His gift is love
    His grace will be
    What sets us free
    He broke our chains

    My soul revived
    Life fully changed
    My heart He reigns

    You too can have
    With Him on high

    Believe in Him
    Before you die
    One day you’ll fly
    He said it so

    © Earl Parsons

    Breakfast Lament

    I have no milk
    For cereal
    This is unreal
    What will I do

    I have no cow
    No cute moo-moo
    Will I boo-hoo
    Over spilt milk

    How can I cry
    I have no milk
    It can’t be spilt
    If I have none

    Oh no, no eggs
    Not even one
    This is no fun
    Hungry I am

    I’ll look again
    No bacon and
    No slice of ham
    Or tator tots

    Guess I am doomed
    To fill my pot
    With Dip’n’Dots
    Breakfast is done

    © Earl Parsons

    Ben Says

    To gain a friend,
    a new someone,
    just anyone,
    Take a favor.

    It matters not
    what’s your flavor,
    what you savor.
    Just let it be.

    Just let it in
    and you will see.
    It’s so easy
    to gain a friend.

    Winston Nhat Hanh

    Listen for a
    mindfulness bell.
    Your lungs will swell,
    In time you’ll tell.

    If you think you’re
    going through hell,
    then mind me well,
    just keep going.


    A choice that’s great,
    better than hate.
    Don’t you think so?

    Allow sadness,
    go with the flow,
    let worry go,
    simple as that.

    Forgive yourself.
    Sit on your mat,
    Zen Bureacrat.
    Just mind your breath.

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