Changes are again afoot! Autumn is rapidly approaching and whether you like change or do not like change, it is inevitable. We cannot slow the march of time! And we have encountered some changes that are good and some that haven’t turned out so well. Write about change. Something changes, one thing becomes another, spare change in your pocket or change of attitude. Would you like to change something about yourself, or someone else? Give your changes a voice. Write about it before you change your mind!




Capricious caterpillar inches along
until, one day, he stops eating.
Upside down from a twig, he spins
a silky cocoon. Concealed within
the chrysalis–like a changing tent
on the beach–body parts transform.
Unlike your standard rabbit pulled
from a magician’s hat, caterpillar
vanishes. He emerges a butterfly.
Difference is, no reversion
is possible. Would you swirl,
whirl, and spin as a top to become
something different, if you could?




Like sands through an hour glass,
or minutes ticking away, we play
each moment against the next
reflecting how much one thing
changing does not change much.
Such is life. Each of us sits
in God’s pocket like so many
nickels and dimes,
and as times change we remain
pre-determined to our fates.
The debate will rage
and the sage advice is retained.
The more things change,
the more they stay the same!

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik -2016



    often change us
    but nothing that change does
    can alter the fact that change is

  2. Sara, for me, the idea that “no reversion is possible” makes your poem especially poignant, in my view. I admire it much.


    winter in the wings
    autumn soon enough
    will don its heavy coat
    rehearse down-the-back
    shivers and tremblings
    strut through nature
    with a vengeance
    suck dry
    chlorophyll dreams

    autumn says
    somebody’s got to do it
    but then why
    the diabolic sneer
    the piercing eyes
    raucous laughter
    in the diaspora
    of leaves
    now brittle
    in their colors
    taking to the wind

    autumn insists
    winter demands
    a prelude to
    the white death
    a sycophant
    to rustle up
    some dying
    before winter
    roars its frigid
    killing breath


  4. (really enjoyed all the reading so far!)

    Renewing Love’s Vows

    You say I always change my mind
    A woman’s right, I’m told
    But darling, my love will not change
    Though we grow very old

    Still, should love change, pray it will be
    More kind and patient, dear
    When we are long estranged from how
    We got to There from here

    Then all the changes we’ve fought through
    And laughed and groaned and wept
    Will be the legacy, my love
    Of promises we’ve kept

    The Other Side of the Pillow

    Cats are way cooler than dogs,
    with rituals and gestures,
    less obvious, more ironic,
    in the way that hipsters
    out-cool hippies.
    Thinking about that,
    it comes to mind that
    spring is way cooler than summer,
    with breezes and colors,
    less potent, more subtle,
    in the way that autumn
    out-cools winter.
    And hey, snowmen
    are way cooler than sand castles.
    But, that goes without saying.

    Genius Inside

    Every four years,
    near summer’s end,
    the world focuses
    on sports, on athletics.
    For me, awaiting fall,
    there’s more to enjoy,
    like art and beauty,
    nature, aesthetics.
    We can’t all be runners
    and leapers and such,
    especially us old folks,
    it would just be too much.
    Yet, as our own personal
    autumn nears,
    there’s joy to be found,
    no mere dollop of pride,
    we each have some genius,
    an artist inside.
    We’re each an Olympian,
    merely needing the temerity,
    to claim our abundance,
    our joy and prosperity.


    Where am I going?
    From whence did I come?
    Why am I living here?
    What am I created from?

    These are all questions
    Children ask, and more
    What do you tell them?
    What are we living for?

    Once was young, now I’m old
    Not seen God’s child forsaken
    The truth, it must be told
    Not for bread will be beggin

    Praise to the creator
    All praise to His name
    We are an extension
    Of His Holy frame

  8. Happy Sunday to everyone!

    In Sorrow and Madness

    he looked into her face,
    so truthful, steady, pale
    as the rising moon, and
    she loved his every sipped
    whispered lie. but he cut
    and killed her. stealth with
    his every cheating word.

    in sickness and in health,
    in shades and shadows,
    in sorrow and in madness,
    there was no changing
    the course of love, not
    when she was drunk
    on his deceptive ways.

    Winds of Change

    “The pain of living and the drug of dreams”
    T.S. Eliot

    Aren’t you astounded
    by how profoundly
    we hold on,
    even so?

    Aren’t you amazed
    by streams of dreams
    that still linger
    under wrinkles?

    Or dazzled
    by the splendor of colors
    that can dance
    across weary eyes?

    Or even surprised
    by tides of passion
    that prance
    around gray heads, as if?

    Can we hear sounds
    of new beginnings
    till the very end?
    Will we?

    Nurit Israeli


    Now is a strange thing
    It doesn’t last
    But a thousand nows later
    We never reach then

  11. Change Wisely

    Changes happen daily
    Sometimes minute-by-minute
    Changes can be good or bad
    That’s mostly up to us to decide
    Decide wisely
    Change positively
    Apologize for bad choices
    Learn from every change
    And apply what is learned
    Change can be good
    Or bad
    Change wisely

    © Earl Parsons

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