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We’re revisiting  a form this week. The Dodoitsu is a fixed folk song form of Japanese origin and is often about love or humor. It has 26 syllables arranged as four lines of 7, 7, 7, 5 syllables respectively. It is unrhymed and non-metrical.

Find our previous example here: DODOITSU



Brought her trinkets of amber
pendant of fire that glowed
in darkness, shimmered in light
she left him ablaze



two apart, yet together.
souls apart, yet joined as one.
hearts a part of a great love.
such are random hearts.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

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  1. William Preston on said:

    I never know whether to put titles on these things or not…

    My love is a red flower
    that grows best in moist blue soil;
    although she loves me too, she
    dislikes my green thumb.


    Beyond drugs and surgery,
    Let’s consider the value
    Of observing the world with
    a comedic eye

    That sees humor in distress
    And refuses to blink twice
    at the ills that life might bring.
    Learn to laugh them down.

    When we were infants, we laughed
    All the time. Why did we stop?
    Were we told, Get serious!
    Why did we obey?

    Life’s road is filled with landmines
    But you can’t float above them
    Nor can you tiptoe in fear.
    Take your chances and smile.

    Some will decide you’re a fool,
    A person of low IQ.
    Just nod and they’ll go away.
    Then laugh up your sleeve.

    Drug companies and doctors
    Will discourage your outbursts
    Of laughter, for they know well
    The power it brings.

    Ignore them and outlive them!
    Humor builds strong hearts; it will
    add years to your life. Now
    Take your medicine!


  3. William Preston on said:

    Shauna was an acrobat
    who caught her lover cheating,
    so Shauna up and left him
    with arms akimbo.

  4. Thank-you Sara and Walt! Fun, fun form!


    Soft rain slips a cool blanket
    Over the rounded shoulders
    Of a summer-weary earth
    Drained of its laughter

    Circle of Life

    They say love is a circle
    That goes on and never ends
    Only thing left of our love
    Is my hula hoop

  6. Love the name of this form and I like its length also. Sara and Walt, you bring such beauty and creativity alive. If we gave blooms, I would have to say you both deserve a blue ribbon!


    What do you remember best?
    Best? Beginnings and partings:
    Yes, joys of every first time,
    aches of each farewell.

    Nurit Israeli

  8. Earl Parsons on said:


    When she walked into my life
    Instantly everything changed
    Finally I was complete

  9. Earl Parsons on said:

    Work It

    Falling in love is easy
    Staying in love is hard work
    It takes two to win love’s race
    Let the race begin

  10. connielpeters on said:

    I just keep kicking the can
    Down the thoroughfare of life
    Not paying much attention
    To cars racing by

  11. William Preston on said:

    Love, a lovely convention;
    a warm sort of detention;
    but mainly, I should mention:
    paying attention.

  12. I’d forgotten how much fun this form is…


    Don’t Fit

    It’s like a shirt with buttons
    that won’t fit, that boy I loved,
    said he and I didn’t fit.
    Annoying buttons.

  13. William Preston on said:

    I kissed her in the summer
    and I kissed her in the fall,
    Heck, I kissed her anytime.
    Buts she? Not at all.

    First Date

    I thought I saw you smiling
    at me across the table
    candles flickering between
    us so I smiled back

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