Here’s one that is relatively easy and should elicit a multitude of responses. I want you to write a “week” of haiku. Highlight a week of days in a string of seven haiku. It can be a week you had that stands out, the days of the week each incorporated into the haikus. It might be seven haiku about a certain subject. A group of haiku based on different poetic forms (I’m sure you’d rather a haiku about a sestina than actually writing a sestina!) Anything is fair game, as long as it’s expressed in seven stanzas of haiku!


(The week I remember best – most recent)

Sunday, Watching Evening News

look out window
starling building a nest
inside dryer vent

Blue Monday

gym closed–memorial
department stores slash prices
cemeteries open

Medication & Meditation Tuesday

bumped up meds
concerned about seizures
six year-old dachshund

Wednesday Morning

in morning light
fragrance of lavender
thoughts drift on swing

Thursday, 37 Years Married

on anniversary
drive through forest of fir trees
pale light on ocean waves

Friday, Window Washer is a No-show

all to see beauty
an undisturbed tranquility–
I wash my windows

Snoozing on a Saturday Afternoon

dogs sleep on couch
intense heat shimmers on concrete
let them lie




In the morning mist
sun rises over tree tops
resuming the day

the world awakens
birds begin their tender song
the clouds sing along

in a mountain stream
silver fish are shimmering
sunshine glimmering

this day seems perfect.
Yet, miles away she sleeps
sedated, she keeps

hanging on to life.
But her grip is weakening
slipping from her grasp.

A mother removed
lost in a world not her own,
she feels alone.

Her family is near
but her mind is unaware
with a vacant stare



167 thoughts on “PROMPT #185 – WHAT A “WEEK” IT WAS!


    Old sergeants wrestle.
    Against time and providence.
    Playing hide and seek.

    He prays for heaven
    Weary of daily battles
    The sunrise cheats him.

    She prays to go home.
    Lost inside her tangled mind.
    Asking her own name.

    Another phone call.
    Another question of time.
    Searching the shadows.

    . . . . 1953

    White lace and diamonds.
    Home sweet home and hearth to hearth.
    Her beauty thrilled him.


    A flirt with morning
    Lost dreams teasing me.
    Insomnia’s gift

    Neighbor’s chickens squawk.
    Red fox prowler on the hunt.
    Thieves hide everywhere.

  2. I will return later to read…I HOPE! On Wed. prompt I planned to return and suddenly it is Sunday! This was a fun, fun prompt Thank-you both for getting us going. Sara, we celebrated our 28th ann. on Friday!

    My Week in Haiku

    Weighted words waiting
    To-do list lacks curb appeal
    Its urgency, real

    People provide more
    Fodder for growing chore-list
    I am blessing-kissed

    Backdrop green, blue, gold
    I am not too old to dance
    June; month of romance

    Where does the time go?
    To-do lists sighs on fridge
    Child governs hours

    Sweep, swish, scrub, mop, wish
    Exercise would work wonders
    Results may vary

    Hoe, weed, trim, mow, sweat
    Get ready for a day off
    List not finished yet

    I am laughter-kissed
    Rain washes my windows
    Last thing left on list

    © Janet Martin

    On this day of rest
    Sparrows cling to the branches
    Alert in light sleep

    The work week begins
    with a sallow moon fading
    behind gold sunrise

    The telephone rings
    too early in the morning ––
    My dreams disappear

    Hump of the camel
    halfway across the desert
    a weekend mirage

    The hammer of Thor
    pounds away at the pavement ––
    Footsteps hurry on

    Thank God it’s out there
    around the clock’s next corner
    Oh, joy of freedom!

    Let’s cram in some fun
    The day passes so quickly
    Let’s rest tomorrow


  4. I always shudder at haiku, to say nothing of a string of them. I never feel like I know what I’m doing, especially given the “ah-ha” nature of the turn to nature (as I understand it). Oh, well…..


    Diverse lands greeting
    the far bright rim of the world:
    meadowland and moor.

    A vacated shack
    overlooks the crashing sea.
    Seagulls and guano.

    The narrowing beach
    teems with combers and swimmers.
    One piping plover.

    Today high summer
    soothes and smooths the restless sea;
    punctuating terns.

    Along a dirt road
    marsh and oceanside divert:
    king and clapper rails.

    Distant tidal rip
    locates a sunken freighter;
    fish in their haven.

    Evening, watching
    the moonlight on Cape Cod Bay;
    the scent of the sea.

  5. I really wish I could write haiku and not the 5/7/5 silly stuff, but I don’t possess the elegant nuance for it like so many of my fellow writers here. Instead, I use it as just another way to express the me of things mostly with a bit of humor.

    A Week in Haiku


    two small dragons stare
    one is painted; one is stuffed
    who is breathing fire?


    stamping a letter
    or stamping a well-clad foot


    the child full of grace
    is not me ‘though I do wish
    it were otherwise


    contemplating rhyme
    advice states it should not slant
    despite the poet


    a question of trust
    the legal variety
    pivots on one word


    other drivers see
    a lip-sync contest for one
    imagined music


    ode to a bagel
    full of cinnamon, raisins…
    such chewy goodness

    A 7-day string of haiku

    Monday as usual,
    unseasonal chilly weather
    nothing much happens

    Tuesday while shopping
    our treasure works her magic
    to transform the house

    Mid-week nothingness
    of cold wet dreary weather ─
    Wednesday passed

    Thursday busy day
    afternoon of stitch and bitch
    with friends ─ happiness

    Nothing much again
    Friday ─ pattern of my life
    zero excitement

    Red letter day
    Saturday with poet friends ─
    laughter, words, magic.

    Sunday special morning
    remembering the past
    in good company

    Rearranged for MEG

    Life is as it is.
    No need to create what’s lost.
    Peace is snow and sun.

    Living mindfully
    in the holiday bedlam.
    Peace is a challenge

    One need not suffer.
    Loss is forever a choice.
    The wise opt for peace.

    Elders learn by fall
    that summer’s losses soon end.
    Peace comes with patience.

    One is not separate
    from the earth at any time.
    With peace, all are one.

    At all times, choose life.
    Choose friends and love and sharing.
    Most of all, choose peace.

    On life’s final day
    comes an explosion of light.
    Be at peace with

  8. There’s the rub, my fine poets. We abhor sestina and cringe at haiku… the long and the short of it. I wrote mine in the hospital waiting room last evening around eleven. I couldn’t string three together. But I already had Sara on the hook for this prompt so I soldiered on. Still not the set I wanted. Actually two halves of the desired poem merged together. But we challenge ourselves to some amazing results sometimes. Great work so far… will read and respond when I’m finally able to kick feet up and enjoy them.

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    Haiku X Seven

    Dry season is here
    There’s smoke on the horizon
    We must mend the roof

    Still snow on the peaks
    Summer thirsts for its melting
    Let’s clean the windows

    The Navels are eaten
    Valencia’s not yet ripe
    What of the apples?

    Red flowers open
    Pomegranates in waiting
    I must make sun tea

    Pink roses whisper
    Bougainvillas scream color
    Pastels still enchant

    Spring’s flowers soon fade
    Summer blooms remain hidden
    Seedlings need water

    Epi’s bloom briefly
    Cactus flowers much the same
    I must call my Friends

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    Christine, there you lay,
    a weakened shell of yourself.
    We are here to help.


    Daughter, we await
    here near the heavenly gate.
    It has been so long.


    Sister, feel us here,
    we’re on this vigil of love.
    We still hold your heart.


    Wife, I had left you
    only a short while ago.
    I will bring you through.


    Mom, we tend to you,
    our every moment is yours,
    we return your love.


    Grandma, we hold you,
    see that we are here. Please know
    we will remember.


    Christine, there you lay.
    Another day has come, gone
    and we carry on.

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  14. I’d like to announce that I’m moving this summer and I’ll be/have been extremely busy with details @ this move. I’ll be journaling and when I can log on to post I will. I appreciate the understanding for my lack of presence this summer…and hope to be back regularly this fall. I’ll see you when I can…Smiles to all!

    Here’s one that I happened to have started last week and finished this morning…love the synchronicity there. 🙂 Thank you, Walt and Sara for your inspiration!


    church-center on God
    make stew, eat lunch, take a nap
    watch Netflix at night


    take care of people
    homework for online college
    pray and walk with friend


    work on tween novel
    yardwork, line up SCWA speaker
    phone son and color


    set up poems for week
    study Puritan writings
    write three devotions


    Facebook Words with Friends
    spend afternoon with hubby
    get haircut and dye


    doctor appointment
    everybody gets a bath
    grocery shopping


    write a school paper
    host home family phone calls
    son and daughter chat

    “… for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning.” ~ Lamentations 3

    Dawn’s light emerges,
    Hastening a new week’s cares.
    Her knees, eroding.

    Vivid moss roses
    Flamboyant ruby hummers
    Adore(n) her prayer walk

    A murky morning.
    Gloom seems to silence nature.
    A still, small Voice calls.

    The sun failed to rise,
    She believes. And so she seeks
    Son’s radiant grace.

    Unsettling dream
    Halted by sound of music
    Caroled in her heart

    Her heart feels absent;
    Her spirit, arid and parched.
    A gentle rain falls.

    As dusk’s light withdraws,
    She reaches out for His hand,
    And there, finds her heart.

    © Marie Elena Good

  17. Happy anniversary, Sara! Enjoyed your excellent sample for us, complete with interesting lead-ins.

    I hope you are enjoying hosting as much as we are enjoying your “garden tending!”

  18. Here’s Sunday and today.

    Sun-bleached on the line
    Sheets fly like a sparrow’s wing
    We sleep deep tonight

    The day is restless
    A pace gripping at both legs
    Puffing steam and smoke

    Monday, Oh, Monday
    The work week starts all over
    I don’t want to go

    Tuesday rolls around
    Into the groove once again
    Earning my paycheck

    Wednesday hump day
    The weekend breaks into view
    Shift into high gear

    Thursday already
    And Friday’s work is all done
    I can smell the beach

    When will Friday end
    The weekend’s waiting outside
    Afternoon torture

    Saturday at last
    What happened to the sunshine
    Guess I’m staying home

    Sunny Sunday morn
    The beach; the sand; the sunburn
    Way to end the week

    © Earl Parsons

  20. Since I found out that haiku in English are now most often written without adherence the 5-7-5 form (William J. Higginson’s The Haiku Handbook is highly recommended), I am experimenting…

    Travelogue: Seven Heavenly Moments


    small blue book
    of big dreams come true:
    my passport

    1. Torres del Paine, Chile

    morning glory:
    shadow of glacier
    swaying on my pillow

    2. North Cape, Norway

    at the edge
    of the world falling
    for the beauty

    3. Serengeti, Tanzania

    low moon:
    staring me in the eyes –
    a leopard

    4. Mount Everest, Nepal

    Everest’s summit:
    white roof of my world –
    I see but can’t reach

    5. Bora Bora, Polynesia

    true colors
    of paradise found beneath
    a turquoise lagoon

    6. Magdalena Island, Patagonia

    a penguin
    is telling me something:
    I smile back

    7. Luxembourg

    WWII Cemetery:
    spring flowers
    rise to salute


    Strait of Magellan

    I still dream the world
    through your eyes Magellan –
    seeking answers

    ~ Nurit Israeli

    That Enemy – Time

    Never the clock stops
    Forward moving caring not
    That enemy – time

    We are the controlled
    Subjects of its cruelty
    Forcing us to bow

    Time – a one way street
    Looking back is but futile
    Time waits for no one

    We can only hope
    To make the best of our time
    No second chances

    Time’s roller-coaster
    It’s time to join the party
    Time to climb aboard

    Make the most of life
    Make every last minute count
    Do not be afraid

    That enemy – time
    Must not the upper hand get
    This battle is ours

    © Earl Parsons

  22. I echo the sentiment that others have already shared – I’m not a haiku writer in the truest sense. I’m not “tuned” that way. However, I can write three lines at a time, but have not forced myself to do so in the 5/7/5 format. Instead, I took the prompt as a seven-stanza prompt, with three lines in each stanza, to give you snapshots of seven days from my fifty years of life thus far. (This will eventually be posted to my blog, as well.)


    sunshine smiling down
    on pigtailed girl as she reads ~
    childhood on the farm

    storms were brewing on
    not so distant horizon ~
    household divided

    nearly straight A’s
    by graduation day ~
    hard work pays off

    some things are given
    while other things are taken ~
    childhood was ended

    twenty-nine years pass
    into year number thirty ~
    milestone or millstone?

    leaving the Midwest
    for hotter desert pastures ~
    family comes first

    I wasn’t ready
    for Dad’s diagnosis ~
    death came knocking

    • Paula, I love your take on the prompt. Love this:
      “milestone or millstone?” And the way the years spill in between the stanzas. It all goes so quickly…

      • Thanks, William — that was in my mind as I thought about this prompt–especially with the “Seven” part of the prompt. The Seven Ages of Man! I’d started writing that direction in a more “generic”/universal sense, but felt led to write on a more personal level. So I thought about seven days from my life. Each stanza above represents a clear one-day snapshot. So…thanks for the specific feedback! 🙂

    • Oh, wow … what a creative, different, emotive take on the prompt. This is fabulous, my friend. Each stands alone, but the total picture tells your story in so very few words. This piece is AMAZING. (And I love you!)

    Counting ’Ku

    monday moon

    there’s a pushpin moon
    holding up this chalkboard sky;
    this smudge of day, done.

    tuesday stars

    pinpricked points trail off,
    breadcrumbs in a daring sky.
    we connect the dots.

    wednesday wings

    dawn flight comes slowly,
    with a push of sunrise song.
    feathered voices ring.

    thursday breeze

    the trees have whispers,
    secrets held in fragile limbs;
    summer song unfolds.

    friday fools

    quail argue and run
    gargle the morning’s first rays;
    doodle-bobber chase.

    saturday sun

    lemon yellow ball
    skipping over lazy sky.
    will the sea catch you?

    sunday song

    we rest. look upon
    these moments that make our life.
    it is good.

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  25. Sara, your chain is just a lovely “stuff of life” swirl.
    Walt, yours is so deeply sad. The stuff of death, and difficulty. What a delicate balance it all is.

  26. IV.
    Workers. Soldiers. Ants.
    Wasps and bees in hollowed trees
    Three sparrows gather

    Fragments of the day
    Shattered terra-cotta pots
    Puzzles in pieces

  27. And here are the last few. Fun prompt. Thank you!

    Two doves on the roof
    A bee at the window thinks
    There is a way out

    She sings bright as gold
    For a drink — just a moment
    The birdbath is dry

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