POETIC BLOOMINGS, a site established in May 2011 and which reunites Marie Elena Good and Walter J Wojtanik to help nurture and inspire the poetic spirit.


If you’ve been published, awarded, feted, interviewed, this is the place to post it for us to see (and help tout your accomplishments)! Add a comment telling us the details!


  1. Yvona Fast on said:

    Hi, I’m Yvona. My first poetry chapbook, Differnt, was published by Foothills Publishing http://www.foothillspublishing.com/2017/fast.html

  2. Darlene Franklin on said:

    Our own William Preston blew away the competition in Writer’s Digest hit a thoddaid competition, but I am delighted to hit the list at #7 for my poem Maybe. I can’t quite believe that of all the poems I’ve written, this humorous little poem placed in the contest, but I’m nevertheless delighted! F or the complete list go to https://bit.ly/2Ui4tCA

    He said, run, run, as fast as you can
    You can’t catch me, the gingerbread man
    But I belted him with a raisin band
    And piped white frosting over his hands
    When I bit his leg, he could run no more
    Play again, I begged, I’ll make amends

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