Today, we lighten the load and offer for kicks and giggles, the Limerick. The nonsensical feel of these ditties remain to touch a heart, a head or funny bone. You know the lay of the land: Five lines. First, second and fifth lines rhyme(A). Lines three and four are also linked (B). The scheme A,A,B,B,A. Let’s play. Get gaudy, bawdy, raucous, nauseous, cautious, rambunctious or thoughtful. Just give this awful rhyme some of your time. You may be surprised by the results!

Marie’s Limerick:


Sit down, let me tell you a story
about a young fellow named Lori.
His peers teased and taunted
but Lori, undaunted,
just made them a mean cacciatore.

Walt’s Limericks:

For my daughters:


There once was a girl named Melissa.
And ev’ryone ‘round her would kiss her.
On hand, or on cheek,
maybe once…twice a week.
And when they weren’t near her, they’d miss her.

A four-dimpled girl named Andrea Lea,
had two on her cheeks, and one on her knee.
When asked with suspicion,
the others position
she’d say, “That’s the one you WON’T see”.