POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.

Garden Gallery

All forms of creativity are welcomed here at CREATIVE BLOOMINGS.

The GARDEN GALLERY  is the rooting place for all your inspired art work. Whether you are just starting to hone your artistic side, or have been expressing yourself visually for years, we would love to view your pieces.

Photos of your artwork entered to the gallery (Photographs will have their own page) are to be e-mailed to poeticbloomings@yahoo.com. Include the title of your work, what medium in which they are rendered, the artist’s name as you wish it to appear. If you are offering the piece for sale, please state so in the e-mail. That information will be withheld, but any interest in your work will be forwarded to the artist and you can discuss details.



"Above the Beach" by Walter J Wojtanik

“Above the Beach” by Walter J Wojtanik

A section of a mural I had painted in the back room of my house. I is rendered in oils.

Posted 1/20/14


"Goal!" by Walter J Wojtanik

“Goal!” by Walter J Wojtanik

This is a tempera and watercolor painting of a goal scored by Buffalo Sabres forward Danny Gare against Ken Dryden.

Posted 1/20/14




"Sunrise Church, Custer, WA" by Marjory M Thompson

“Sunrise Church, Custer, WA” by Marjory M Thompson

Since “Art” is my first avenue of expression, I am pleased to share the following drawing which I did in Nov. 2013.

The Sunrise Church, Custer, WA – has been my home church since 1977. I briefly sketched the 8×10 picture out in pencil, then finished and detailed it in ink. I did work from a photo I took, as well as standing in the church yard. I have the original, but shared some prints of it with friends and family members and also had some note cards made.
The artist’s name ….Marjory M Thompson
Posted 1/25/2014

Michelle Hed’s Greeting Card Art


Elephant in Frost / Acrylic Paint / Michelle Hed (*Note: This painting was inspired by (or for) my husband, whose favorite animal is the Elephant.)

Mouse and Pumpkin_edited-1

Winter Pumpkin and Guest / Acrylic Paint / Michelle Hed (*Note: This painting was inspired by the stem on my pumpkin that I carved for Halloween in 2013.)

17 thoughts on “Garden Gallery

  1. Marjory MT on said:

    Wonderful! A broader aspect of the “Walt” we know and are learning to also appreciate more. Both paintings are ‘alive’ with feeling and action.

  2. elishevasmom on said:

    Such multi-faceted talent. And your reading, btw, was captivating–and didn’t sound anything like you photo (but then they rarely do) 😉

  3. Great, Walt. I esp., like “Goal” the movement the bold colors – very nice.

  4. William Preston on said:

    I admire your pen-and-ink drawing, Marjory, and the place name,Custer, WA, seemed vaguely familiar. I looked it up on an on-line map, and then realized why: you live not far from the Canadian border, near Blaine, apparently. I visited friends in the Seattle area years ago, and one of our trips was to Vancouver, via ferry, but we came back by car, and I recall the Peace Arch. So your drawing, which is quiet and peaceful, aroused fond memories.

    • Marjory MT on said:

      Thank You , William, sorry I have not checked back sooner. My mailing address is Blaine which sits on the border, and yes The Peace Arch is a landmark. I am pleased you have fond memories of you time through my neck of the woods. 🙂

  5. Beautiful artwork, Walt! I love that first one. 🙂

    And Marjory, your drawing is just perfect! I love to draw and sketch so yours caught my eye immediately. And I think I may have passed your church before on a road trip…it looks so familiar.

  6. Marjory MT on said:

    Thank You, Erin. The neat part about drawing and sketching is that you can do it just about anywhere and even a table napkin can be used. It is possible that you passed by the church, we are in the country, but not lost from sight. 🙂

  7. Excellent artwork artists!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂


  9. Marjory MT on said:

    Michelle, Beautiful work. The elephant is powerful and you the smiling mouse delightful. A pumpkin top like that has to inspire one to create.

  10. Walt you are a man of many talents! Great paintings!

  11. Michelle!! I love your style! 🙂

  12. I finally got over here. I am stunned by the amount of talent I see here.
    Fabulous artwork, all.

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