POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.

Flashy Fiction Fridays


Welcome to the new home for FLASHY FICTION FRIDAYS.

Join us every Friday for a flash fiction prompt and tell your little story. Everyone has a little story to tell!


01/24/2014 – ALPHA AND OMEGA

Recall by Jane Shlensky
First Sip of Love by Walter J Wojtanik
All In One Day by Marilyn Braendeholm
First Account by Ellen Evans
The Visit by Chi Holder
Through the Dark by Erin Hope
12/3/73 bt E J Pearl (Earl Parsons)

01/31/2014 – STARGATE?

Co-pilot, Through the Portal by Henri
For the Sake of Art by Walter J Wojtanik
And the Circle Goes Round and Round by Salvatore Buttaci
Astute Art by Jules Page
Portal by Michelle
The Circle Thing by E J Pearl (Earl Parsons)
Soul Cycle by Claudette Young
Along the Highway by William Preston

02/05/2014 – JUST THE FACTS

Suspending All Belief by Walter j Wojtanik
Pioneer? by Jules Page
The Evangelist by Chi Holder

4 thoughts on “Flashy Fiction Fridays

  1. Can hardly wait to take up this activity again.

  2. I can’t post to the Flashy Fiction site. When I try to choose an option, it says it can’t accept my html?

  3. Glad we figured that out, Chi, Ellen. There is a limit on the size of the stories. If you should get the message that the site will not accept the HTML, odds are you went long. The solution to that is to break up the piece and post it in multiple parts. The idea of flash fiction is to write a glimpse of a scene with as much detail as you need to tell your tale. I myself run long at times. I will not ask you to lop off and important part of your story to fit the restriction. The prompt will be open all week, so there’s time to try your hand at expanding your story telling skills. Walt.

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