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Now, this next poet has been a favorite for quite some time. And the selected poem fits her persona extremely well. She, of the purple pen (formerly of the Great Northwest) and back home in her East Coast digs, Sara McNulty has always been equated with “Alice Through the Looking Glass” (in my mind’s eye, anyway), as you would see on her blog’s background wallpaper. But beyond that, her experiences well documented through her poetry, have made her an inspired poet to say the least.  Sara had held fort as the Co-Host of POETIC BLOOMINGS when life had forced its will on Marie Elena, and quite a partner she had been. She honors our pages with her works to this day, always supportive and gracious. Here in true form, Sara channels Lewis Carroll in her poem, “Into A Tale.”


I stepped inside the pages inked
in vibrant shades that seemed to wink.
A caterpillar sat and smoked;
he blew out words, but did not choke.
The March Hare asked me to decide,
did I want tea? I stepped inside.

Such strange creatures I ran into,
a cat that vanished right on cue.
A rabbit who was always late,
a queen whom you could not debate.
Back at home, I told my teacher
of those I’d met, such strange creatures.

(C) Copyright Sara McNulty

This poem was presented for the INFORM POET – WRAPPED REFRAIN


Sara McNulty’s works reside at her blog,


Read Marie Elena’s interview with Sara McNulty at



So, we’ve reached the point of the year where we head into our Annual July Chapbook P.A.D.  and with just two days from today to July 1st, I thought it would be a bit much to squeeze a form prompt in before we begin. So…


Summertime can be entertaining, and we find ways to entertain ourselves at our leisure. We watch movies, films and watch programs. We listen to music and read books. Some continue to write poetry… we occupy our time in enjoyable and entertaining (again, there’s that word) ways. 

So here’s the deal! After hitting the beach, going camping, and seeing the world, this year we are taking a “Stay-cation”. And this year our theme is:



The daily prompts will be inspired by the the summer-laced titles of the aforementioned movies, films, programs, songs, books and anything else that will inspire us this summer. Wednesday will include a form requirement and Sunday will be treated like the other 26 days with a prompt in keeping with our theme! There may be a couple “wild-cards” thrown into the mix, just to keep you on your poetic toes.

So join us, won’t you? And invite your poetic friends to do so as well! These have always been favorite undertakings here at POETIC BLOOMINGS. And the payoff at the end is your compiling (and us highlighting) your “Entertaining Summer” Chapbook. At the very least, you’ll have a whole month’s worth of poems to fudge and whip into shape for your portfolio!

Sara and I hope to see you here!


We had gotten a great response to our call for Mother’s Day tributes. And it was an unofficial start to our “planting” season. Today we begin in earnest with our first form exploration of the re-boot. Today we fete: the Boketto!

A while back, our friend Meena Rose wrote about the idea of boketto. Boketto is a Japanese word that really doesn’t translate into English very well. The concept of Boketto is akin to staring at the sky or into the distance without a thought… Getting lost in one’s own self; removing the self from a place mentally. There is no regard to the past and no connection to the future. There is only THIS moment.

From this thought I’ve experimented with incorporating boketto into a poetic form and thus the Boketto was born. The Boketto can be a very personal poem, or can be one of a random observation.

The Boketto consists of two stanzas, One of five lines (30 syllables – 7,7,7,4,5) and a three line (17 syllables – two seven syllable lines and a three syllable line which becomes a refrain if a string of Boketto are written). It expresses a single moment in time!

A variation of the Boketto makes use of two (three) ancient Japanese forms, the Tanka and the Haiku (Senryu). The moment of which you write will determine the choice. (Haiku – nature; Senryu – everything else).


Sara’s Boketto:


My mind is a roulette wheel,
black daydream fears spin through red
Grandfather clock ticks off time
The world is still
Am I fulfilling

my life? Will seizures that plague
my dog ease? I have always
found life hard.

© Sara McNulty

**I was sitting in my “writing corner” of the living room, dogs asleep in a stream of sunlight. Prevalent sound was the ticking of the clock, and the sense of my thoughts whirling.


Walter’s Boketto:


The air is filled with static,
a bombardment of senses
meant to irritate; annoy.
There is no joy,
this moment must cease.

I must escape in my mind,
hoping to find inner peace.
No relief.

© Walter J Wojtanik

**WHITE NOISE was a restless night with the television on. I’m not sure if the TV kept me awake or if I hoped it would soothe. It did not.

…and the variation…


I am imprisoned,
lost in this moment in time.
I am writing rhyme
hoping to vacate this shell
and become one with my words.
not a sound is heard
silence becomes an ally
setting the soul free

© Walter J Wojtanik

**SOLACE IN SELF was a bout of writer’s block that plagued. The silence of this night filled my head with words.





I thought I was a die-hard New Yorker, yet here I am residing in the Pacific Northwest for over seven years with my husband, John, and our two dogs, Marion Miller and Murphy. A tug of war does exist within me, because I miss family and friends.

However, joining a poetry group out here was a wonderful move for me. Voices in Verse meets once a month to share poems or simply listen to readings.

With encouragement from Robert Lee Brewer of Poetics Aside, and his followers, I finally set up a blog called Purple Pen In Portland. Yes, as some of you already know, purple is my favorite color, and I write in purple ink before typing. Sometimes I reside in Alice’s Wonderland, which takes me out of myself with the help of charismatic characters. A vivid imagination makes that a seamless move. My office is filled with Wonderland prints, and a hanging teacup.

Being an addictive poetry site person, you may find my scribblings at Poetics Aside, Poets United, Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads, The Sunday Whirl, Magpie Tales, Margo Roby’s Wordgathering, dVerse Poets Pub, and my favorite haiku site – Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem. (links to all can be found in the “Other Poetry Places” tab) I relish poetic prompts and form challenges, though I generally write in free verse. Fibonacci, shadorma, triolet, and haiku are some of my favorites.

My work has been seen in these publications: The Avocet, Still Crazy, Writer’s Digest Competition Collection, Poetsespresso and let’s not forget the anthology, POETIC BLOOMINGS: The First Year.

It is a great honor to be working with Walt Wojtanik, whose poetry I have admired for many years. POETIC BLOOMINGS was always my favorite family, and I am thrilled that it is reuniting and I can play a part in that rebirth.

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