There have been times where we imagined our lives as a motion picture. We surmise who would play the part of us.

But in this case, we’ll wait for the book!

Your auto-biography begins here. Break up your life (up to this point in time) into three chapters. Give each chapter a title.

Write three brief poems (one for each title). For added pats on the back, give your “book” a title as well (the title of your three chapter story).


Two Sisters in Three Chapters

Chapter 1.  Rain.

The day I was born,
it rained hard on my sister …
submerging her soul.

Chapter 2. Wombs.

Her first pregnancy’s
uniqueness dimmed, when I found
myself pregnant, too.

Pregnant together
again. A son for me. A
tragic loss for her.

third pregnancies perhaps seemed
a cruel joke, to her.

Chapter 3.  Lost and Found.

In thirty-five days,
we lost Mom and Dad, and found
a common heartache.

In thirty-five days,
we lost Mom and Dad, and found
shared grief is shared love.

In thirty-five days,
we lost Mom and Dad, and found
a needed sister.

© Marie Elena Good, 2020



CHAPTER 3: PUPPY DOG TALES, by Walter J Wojtanik

Growing up, we always had a dog.
My pal and companion,
a boy’s best friend,
a good listener,
two good ears and no sass!
At the head of the class,
I miss having a dog.

CHAPTER 11: SHY OF THE MARK, by Walter J Wojtanik

My nerves in the presence
of curves and a pretty face
had laced my younger years.
It was one of my greatest fears
to be so frozen in place
for the course of a lifetime.
I was able to shake that phobia
over the course of time.
But, it took a while.

CHAPTER 15: FINDING A VOICE, by Walter J Wojtanik

It’s true, I was a shy guy.
When I’d speak, my voice
would creak and crack,
a knack I would outgrow.
That started to show
when I embraced words.
For the good of my sanity
and some of humanity,
music steered me towards poetry.
The rest, they say, is history!