As we know, you can be for something or against something. The stuff of confrontation. We won’t go there. This is a soothing place. The poems we write are either “For” poems (For The Love Of Pete, For Your Own Good…) or “Against” poems (Against All Odds, Against The Clock…). Keep the peace and write your piece, for or against, it’s all good.



We think the thoughts we think
wondering if we really know
that of which we speak.
At the peak of our knowing
we realize that we really don't
know what we think we do,
and it's true. We flow contrary
to the facts that show,
against all knowledge.

(c) Walter J Wojtanik - 2023

43 thoughts on “PROMPT #430 – FOR OR AGAINST

  1. Time Against My Mayonnaise

    My mayonnaise has met its fate,
    so says it’s “ best if used by date.”

    The groceries-–memories?–I’ve acquired
    seem now, inside the fridge expired.

    The doors were closed, the dark and cold
    inside had let the facts grow old.

    I wonder where the mustard went? Why is this cuke so soft and spent?

    This milk is lumpy … what’s your name?
    This juice it doesn’t taste the same.

    The crisper drawer holds nothing crisp,
    just celery limp, a dried up wisp.

    Whose picture, magnetized up here,
    is this? It looks like someone dear.

    What did I come to this room for?
    The cold air flows down to the floor.

    A chill surrounds my feet, I start
    to feel an angst surround my heart.

    I’m hungry, I think, I’m not sure…
    it seems old mayonnaise has no cure.

    (C) Damon Dean, 2O23


    By earliest-morning
    beams of light I spy them,
    beginning flights in skies
    begging for birthing sun,
    bringing their bountiful
    benefice to the dawn.
    Blessed be the bluebirds.


    Red is present in all its glory,
    with orange adding to the story;

    green is ready to present
    its case when blue is nearly spent;

    brown’s for coloring trunks of kauri
    and black is sort of an anti-hoary.

    Purple recalls what passion meant,
    but I wonder where the yellow went.

  4. Against the Wind

    Did you ever walk
    against a strong wind
    and it stops suddenly
    and you fall over?

    That happens
    in places like Wyoming.
    That’s how I feel
    when I finish a big project.

    I have to pick myself up
    dust myself off,
    find my bearings,
    then go on to the next one.

  5. For the Love of God

    Must every option
    for something
    also be a decision
    against another?
    When I am at ease,
    I write.
    When I am uneasy,
    I write more,
    not squeezing life,
    merely caressing it.
    Simplicity and proportion.
    Balance matters.
    When a tree dies,
    I plant another.


    being present now
    gives clarity somehow

    versus pushing against the past
    we can but it won’t last

    going forward leads us on
    standing against we might fall upon

    an old set of structure
    many things that simply deter

    current growth and progressive motion
    pushing beyond any old notion

    why not move towards what you’re for
    why hide against the tide not wanting more

    we can be up against anything we want to
    building walls, feeling cornered, nothing to do

    or free up the flow and start to go
    continue to learn, set sail and grow

    thank goodness it is an open choice
    to be for or against, share your voice

    good to know we can take a stand
    acknowledging our thoughts, where we land

    and as life moves us step by step
    we can change our minds from no to yep

    after all that’s what life’s about
    constant shift and change, without a doubt

    that’s how it comes and it goes
    bringing us both the highs and the lows

    we probably wouldn’t like it any other way
    I’m all for that, at least, today

    (c) Janet Rice Carnahan 2023

  7. For and Against

    I’m for
    All that is good
    ‘Cause the good comes from God
    It’s how He shows His love for us
    Good gives us cause to praise Him

    And then
    Satan tempts us
    With bad disguised as good
    He’s the Master of Deception
    We must never let him win

  8. My Friend

    Are you my friend or my enemy?
    Who will you prove yourself to be to me?

    When the tornado roars in
    As I know it will again
    When it tries to spin me back to sin
    Will you be a helping hand
    That offers strength, support,
    Enables me to fly free
    And another battle to win?

    When the strong wind blows in
    As I know it will again,
    When it tries to carry me off to sin
    Will you be part of my destruction,
    Try to trip me, send me to the abyss,
    Wrestle me to the ground,
    And tempt me with empty promises?

    Are you my friend or my enemy?
    Who will you prove yourself to be to me?
    Part of my salvation
    or part of my destruction?
    Love in action or hatred unleashed?
    One who breaths hope and life or
    One who speaks useless deceit?

  9. Pushing that Clock

    There were only
    Four weeks in a month,
    Five work days in a week,
    Eight hours in those days,
    Sixty minutes in those hours,
    And I had forty children
    To travel to see,
    To spend at least an hour
    Once I was there,
    Thirty minutes to
    Write up my visit,
    And there never was
    Enough time for all that.

    Yet the dragons
    Who did audits
    Never did my job,
    And only saw value
    For the state to get paid
    For all those hours
    Called billable
    They counted the money
    I made for them
    Six hundred forty-four dollars
    For each of those forty children
    And I did it again the next month.

    My value was not in that money,
    But in those moments
    With those children
    Who gave me smiles,
    And broke my heart,
    But those dragons never saw those moments…

    I loved my job…
    I love the children…
    The dragons made pushing the clock
    More important than the work I did, and
    I became just a number,
    And woe is me,
    If I didn’t meet my quota,
    And it was all of that
    Which helped me decide
    It was time,
    For me to leave
    For I was not appreciated

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    March 19, 2023

  10. For The Good Of Earth

    wake up.
    Look around
    you. Ask questions.
    What can I do to save
    oceans, attract butterflies,
    protect whales, promote health for all–
    people and animals? Write letters

    to all representatives who are
    supposed to be representing
    you. Attend demonstrations.
    Write poems for all to share
    your views. Feed children,
    Do your

  11. For Staying in Town

    The road that leads out of towns
    takes me back to the lights
    and sounds of the place
    I’ve long known.

    I’ve long known
    the songs, the streets
    the sweeping boulevards
    still living in memories.

    Still living in memories
    the first dance
    the first kiss
    a younger life I embrace.

    A younger life I embrace
    as a pond glistens in afternoon
    silent reflections of a life well-lived-
    I’ve come back again.

  12. So I’m All For

    You got to stand for something,
    or you’ll fall for anything
    Aaron Tippin, 1990

    –feeding birds all winter long knowing
    the reward of spring song while
    hanging nectar bottles for first hummingbirds
    due in the wake of the equinox

    –myriads of zinnias circling the birdbath
    feeding Monarch and Fritillary, Swallowtail
    and bright sulfur, tiny azure
    Painted Lady and Question-mark

    –wandering back roads to between
    emerald wheat fields only to spot
    three bald eagles and eight deer
    on a crisp morning rich with frog song

    –fickle yet trusting barn cats that come in
    for a quick rub against my blue jeaned legs
    but are too aloof for petting

    –cascading moth orchids blooming
    on the two-tier toy bench crafted by my father
    in front of the French doors, silent sentinels
    to all that happens outside and beyond

    –fields of daffodils gone rogue
    in the absence of the old homestead
    more than a hundred clumps sprinkled
    like newly minted doubloons winking in the sun

    –beauty for its own sake
    stewardship for the planet
    legacies for future generations
    sun and rain and rainbows.

  13. For all the things I have lost…

    I found a little bottle.
    It was old and inside-
    My mother penned a note…
    Saying it was given to her-
    By my father
    Before they married.
    Seeing her clean
    Handwriting stopped my heart…
    How I miss coming home at night
    Finding some note she wrote…
    While I was at work
    Because she heard
    Words that made her think.

    Such a simple bottle
    With a teal blue top
    With edges that once was gold.
    I remember opening it,
    When I was young,
    And inside that bottle
    Were the smells of exotic places-
    That I had yet to visit.
    She took it from my small hands,
    And in her eyes, I saw memories-
    That I could not comprehend.

    She is gone-
    Like the others.
    Are pieces of paper
    That I find,
    And my tears tumble
    Down my face
    For the things I have lost-
    Something most will not understand-
    Until they are the last one, and
    Then my words will pierce them.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    March 20, 2023

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