#422 – THAT SAID …

Words said to children may be healing, or harmful. Inspiring or spirit-squelching. Today, we have three options to inspire our poems:

1. A memory of something said to you when you were a child
2. Something you’ve overheard said to a child
3. Words you’ve said to a child

Choose one or more, and share your words with us. We look forward to being inspired by you, as always.

Marie’s Poem


Mature well beyond her years and big for her age, she is not a girly girl.  She looks very much young adult, and is sometimes mistaken as such.  Those her age can’t relate to her, nor she to them. Yet in the midst, her kindness for all, shines. Her laughter comes easily.  She faces young adult assumptions, expectations, misperceptions, and uncertainties.  She seeks clothing and hair styles in an effort to make her more comfortable in her own skin.  Today, we are at her Christmas-gift hair appointment. Appointment complete, her stylist says, “Pretty.  What do you think?”

Eyes in mirror smile
while unexpected soft voice
slips, “I am pretty.”

© Marie Elena Good 2023

Walt’s Message

Our youngest daughter came home from Ottawa to visit. The whole family got together for dinner, including my three years old granddaughter Brooklyn. What I will relate to you is not a poem, but a story she relayed to me. She climbed up on my knee and very seriously she said:

“Poppi? (Me)
My Papa died. (Her other grandfather)
He fell down and hurt his head.
He was in the hospital
and he’s an angel now.
He watches me.
That makes me happy and sad.
I miss him.
I sit in his chair because he doesn’t sit there any more.”

She paused and looked up at me.
Don’t die.
You can watch me from your chair.”

The tables were turned.
She provided the words of wisdom.
From the mouths of babes…

I promised myself to live for her until the day I do die.
So far, so good.


Her grandfather Michael was a casualty of the Blizzard of 2022. What she understands amazes me.