IT’S ABOUT TIME. It’s always about time. Dinnertime, Wintertime, Somewhere in Time, making up for lost time. As the year begins its runoff to January, we’re writing about some kind of time that we celebrate. Give us your time and we’ll do the rest!


“The world waits for a miracle. The heart longs for a little bit of hope.”  ~ Light of the World, Lauren Daigle

Now, We Wait.

His feet left Paradise to touch earth’s soil 
as we, embroiled in distress,
tried to access His heart.
Some walked with Him, 
and He unlocked their closed souls - 
leaving their lack exposed
and showing them His plenty
in the face of His poverty.  
They learned Him.  They loved Him. 
But the moment He upturned death,
they truly knew Him.
And now, we wait for His return.
We yearn for the Prince of Peace to increase, 
and our anguish, decrease.
Light of the World, right us.
Lift us.  Gift us hearing ears,
seeing eyes, 
and hope, 

© Marie Elena Good, 2022



Christmas is eternal.
It comes independent of time.
As far as we can remember,
December has been a magical month,
for as long as the calendar records it,
every bit of the Christmas spirit lingers
in the span of ages, the stage is set.
You can bet there isn’t a better reason
to celebrate the season.

Christmas is ageless.
It is seemingly unaffected by time.
We grow in chronological years, but our fear
is that we will outgrow Christmas.
But it is the joy of the season
that keeps us young beyond reason.
We should never stop believing.
I believe in you, so you should never eschew me,
the man who takes pause as Santa Claus.

Christmas is timeless,
and my guess is that it will always be.
You see, it has been with me for as long as I’ve lived.
I carry the spirit of Christmas in my heart
as my father did, and his father before him.
I come from a long line of Claus men
who honor and defend the Yuletide.
You cannot hide the pride I feel.
It’s a big deal. Everyday should be Christmas.

© Walter J Wojtanik - 2022

60 thoughts on “PROMPT #415 – TEMPEST FUGET


    comes calling,
    and snow starts falling
    to form a white carpet,
    and chills snap across the air
    and Pegasus shows its great square
    as Orion enters the night sky,
    then it is time to let bygones go by.

  2. Love these offerings Walt and Marie! In the holiday joy we call Christmas that the entire world senses, we celebrate His first coming, who like our benevolent Claus, brought “gifts to men.” That symbolic hope of returns each year is like His promise to return for us at a time we look and long for. Christmas is a season of balanced affirmation and hope, perched in our hearts like the star atop a tree. I will always thrill at the meanings of our traditions that reflect our faith in Him, and this time full of wonder we celebrate.


    You may demolish
    this wretched house, the life old;
    for I am told it is wrought
    with burden. Run with ruin.

    You may bring it to naught, down to its knees.
    Its broad wooden beams, the horror
    filled themes, its bannisters and halls—
    save the pen.

    For with it, I am skilled and shall build again.
    A luxurious mansion, a glorious estate,
    a newborn castle, a garden
    with a score of trained men.

    ©️Benjamin Thomas

  4. A Time to Celebrate

    As one who likes to travel,
    sometimes when I roam,
    I wonder if home’s vacation
    or if vacation is my home.

    I’ve been on the road
    five weeks today,
    Arizona, Nebraska,
    Kenya along the way.

    Next week in Colorado,
    I will celebrate
    when I arrive home
    and enter my own gate.

  5. Walt, I always love your I am Santa spirit and poems! In this one, I admire how the opening lines of each stanza seem to open doors to rooms of your Christmas heart. LOVE THIS!

  6. Time for Love

    The calendar is never wrong.
    It’s time for another anniversary song.
    We’re mostly healthy, far as I can see,
    as young as we will ever be.
    Perhaps we’ll let our inner child
    go crazy, running wild.
    We’ll share a perfect day,
    just a twosome is our way.
    You’re still in your prime,
    and there’s no better time
    for love and joy and peace,
    may they never cease.
    So let’s share a super smile,
    one which lasts a wholesome while,
    welcome in the next new year,
    express our gratitude in cheer.
    Whatever time thinks it can do,
    I know it will look fabulous on you.

  7. Whispers of Time

    After a morning drive
    I’m doing laundry
    and sitting at my laptop
    writing another poem.

    It’s another day
    and it’s fall
    as it whispers
    the winter to come.

    During the drive
    I drove through places
    I’d driven through before
    as if I was living
    my life again

    but really
    I was thinking
    of what to write
    when this moment
    would come.

    I look out the window
    at the bare silhouette
    of a dormant tree
    waiting and waiting
    as if it, too,
    will live again.

    And as I write
    I think about
    friends lost
    through the years
    and anticipate
    all who I’ll see
    this afternoon

    but for now
    I embrace
    a moment of solitude.


    after the bell chimes
    all the cheer
    has been left here
    smiling faces
    no longer in their spaces
    left over bows
    clutter is gone
    from all the tiny places
    Christmas wrap
    is a wrap
    and the time that’s left
    reserved for a nap
    Christmas music
    stays and will stick
    as we tap our tired toes
    and our grin grows
    that Christmas just left
    we smile as it goes
    and New Year’s Eve
    is not yet here
    to make us believe
    we’re already in a new year
    so this subtle time
    most sublime
    allows us to drift
    and be a bit lazy
    not quite so crazy
    in the sweet time in between
    where we can sit
    with the slippers up
    with our coffee cup
    and play Queen!
    happy in our own way
    we survived
    another Christmas Day
    and before New Year’s comes
    if we move fast
    we can still
    go out
    and play
    no further mess
    I confess
    I think I’ll treasure
    without measure
    this fire
    one more

    (c) Janet Rice Carnahan 2022

  9. The Time we meet…

    I know that there will be a day…
    Nothing I put on will fit right, and
    All I will see is my faults
    When all I want to see
    Is your eyes dancing
    When they look into mine.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    December 5, 2022

  10. Considering Kinnell

    Morning time when the house
    is still and no one walks the boards
    save the barn cats scratching at the door
    until I hush them and they quiet again

    here is the time Kinnell might’ve written about
    that still time that silent space
    where there is just breath and being
    although he might’ve meant there is still
    time enough to be to fight the rush of time
    itself that pushes at the mind and body

    until we race ahead of it never realizing
    the futility of our footsteps our very heartbeats

    but in this still five o’clock morning there
    is just this rinsing of blueberries the breaking
    of eggs and stirring of flour and oil
    the filling of muffin tins until two dozen
    sit the oven to puff golden brown and still

    there is still silence broken only by the splash
    of faucet the whirr of can opener the layering
    of garbanzos and turtle beans tomatoes
    the scent of cumin and chiles hanging
    in the air and then the soundless simmering

    until day breaks through the east windows
    and traffic moves toward town so that
    the moment’s lost silence subsumed by time.


    is time to shake off mud and dust;
    is time to wash your hands of grime
    and dig in, till your insides bust.
    Don’t need no fancy dinner, just

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