We’ve all seen and heard the catsup (ketchup) ad about the slow dispensing of that product. Anticipation. All good things come to those who wait. What are you waiting for? Write an anticipation poem. Record your wishful thoughts in whichever poetic form suits you. If you feel brave, write a “disappointment poem.” Finally, if there is another jingle that stirs an inspiration, let us know. I’ll be waiting for it in rapt anticipation!


One and one make two.
It is simple addition.
Now, carry the two.  

© Marie Elena Good, 2022

(This lighthearted little piece is for someone I love, who is expecting twins!)



My mind works in mysterious ways.
Some days I have my wits about me. 
Some days I am scared witless.
Sometimes I feel like a nut,
and those days pull me from my rut.
The times I don't, I can get some work done.
It's not fun being so divided,
but I can hide it very well.
And you can tell when those days come.
You can see that I'm cracked in the shell.
Sometimes I feel like a nut,
sometimes I can't tell.

(c) Walter J Wojtanik - 2022



    I can’t wait—
    for I’m waiting for.
    I’m already at the door
    in rapt anticipation.

    Fully entranced,
    and captivated by the
    arrival of what could
    come next.

    like an anxious hawk,
    ready to pounce
    upon unsuspecting prey.

    Will today,
    be the blessed day
    of delivery?

    ©️Benjamin Thomas

    • Big smile and I get the added (bonus since they can’t seem to find my home…) of playing hide and seek to which house did they hide my package and will I find it or not.


    I yearn, like an expectant mother
    waiting to give birth to the beauty of the dawn.

    The sweet morning-child of new opportunities,
    the sight of new heights, and new destinations.

    I ache—with the constant pangs of anticipation.
    But I dare not deny, or welcome them.

    For I know, that this is the only way
    for a new day to arise.

    ©️ Benjamin Thomas


    When you have partridges in pear trees
    and then add turtle doves and French hens and colly birds,

    not to mention those swans a-swimming
    in five golden rings around all those geese a-laying,

    complicated by all that milking
    and folks leaping and dancing and drumming and piping,

    it would seem that anticipation
    would segue into irritated condemnation

    or at least mass confusion, I’d guess,
    and you would need that last night to clean up all the mess.

  4. Marie, Aside from the pleasure of it, your little piece is startling, the sort of thing that anticipates a mind-twister.

    • I agree and I will send this to the little ones… may your life be blessed with joy which is something I say to all newborn babies.

  5. It’s Kenya

    I got the Visa and the shots
    Plane tickets at a lower rate
    I bought the stuff to repel bugs
    It’s Kenya I anticipate

    My passport’s not expired yet
    Have luggage scales to know the weight
    Malaria pills guard my health
    It’s Kenya I anticipate

    I got my camera and a spare
    Binoculars to see the great
    Adaptors so I can plug in
    It’s Kenya I anticipate

    I got the Visa and the shots
    It’s Kenya I anticipate

  6. Make It Yours

    neon lights on a Saturday night
    a buzz of excitement
    the microphone calls
    as you order a whisky
    and it’s a dare
    to go on stage
    for others to see
    or an urge
    as music plays
    and you’re already
    tapping your foot
    set down the drink-
    you know you want
    to do this
    walk up the steps
    and sing the song
    that lurks in your heart

  7. Here’s one I wrote in 2020…


    In those days 
    of rage and anger,
    I easily found ways
    to get upset, disjointed.
    Now, I know my mind,
    seek the longest line,
    with the chattiest clerk,
    the customer who’s the biggest jerk,
    and am never disappointed.

    And here’s a jingly 2022 update…

    Sara Lee

    Everybody doesn’t like something,
    like those lines in a grocery store,
    with the chatty clerks you hate,
    clerks make you wait, make you sore.
    Then that light turning red
    just before you get there,
    taking seconds of your time,
    nope, it just isn’t fair.

    But my minister said have faith,
    seek out those longer lines,
    learn how patience can be a balm,
    how your life is more than fine.
    So I now seek out that longer wait,
    the one with folks disjointed,
    trade peace for upset, hate,
    and I am never disappointed.

    It’s not a dream I’m under,
    at least not in my old eyes.
    I just choose to see the wonder,
    take my time, perhaps be wise.
    It’s not kool-aid I drink,
    glad each day to write and pray,
    I’ve learned a better way to think,
    just be happy come what May.


    I sat in anticipation
    amidst the congregation
    for the initial salutation
    from the brand-new minister

    We expected a mighty sermon
    that would crush old Satan’s vermin
    but soon we were all left squirming
    at the words of the minister

    His boring voice felt creepy;
    his demeanor, soft and weepy,
    and soon we all were sleepy
    because of that minister

    His performance, already appalling.
    was subsequently galling;
    we thought he had missing his calling.
    We sacked that minister.

  9. It is not a relief….

    Nap, Nap, snooze, snooze,
    I don’t want to sleep again.

    I love the days
    When I can stay awake.
    Those days
    Are rare.

    Most days,
    I will be busy
    At some task,
    And I feel
    Me giving out.
    I sit down
    I am sleeping…

    I anticipate the days
    When I am strong,
    And awake…

    I have so much
    I want to do…
    My life should
    Not be sleeping.

    Nap, nap, snooze, snooze,
    I don’t want to sleep today.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    October 23, 2022

  10. Jingle Hell

    Like a good neighbor
    I’d like to buy the world a Coke
    Or some uh-oh, Spaghetti-Os
    ‘Cause they are mmm-mmm good
    But I’m just a Toys-R-Us kid
    And I don’t wanna grow up
    Y’all can have your Folgers in your cup
    I like the Snap! Crackle! Pop!
    Or those other sweet treasures
    They’re magically delicious!
    So gimme a break
    I’m a big kid now
    And I’m lovin’ it

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    The road trip
    Highly anticipated
    One could say fated
    All the plans
    Laid out
    No concern, little doubt
    Until the Las Vegas part
    Car broke down
    Didn’t want to start
    Out scattering ashes
    Between fast cars
    Quick dashes
    All things on hold
    In blazing heat
    Inching the car to a repair shop
    Next exhausting stop
    When sheer determination
    Took a turn
    Into a restaurant parking lot
    Food and rest
    Put through the test
    Now texting for help
    Reassurance a driver was on his way
    Anticipating more fear
    Who came was sincere
    Like a friend in the dark
    With my dying car left gasping
    I was taken care of
    In a daze
    For days
    Until the car was fixed
    My feelings mixed
    Until I made it safely home
    Car broke down twice more
    Got repaired like before
    Now looking forward to Friday
    Ready to pay
    Anticipating a new set of wheels
    Going through some deals
    Getting back on the road
    No more getting towed
    It won’t disappoint
    I just want it to point
    The way to my driveway
    Enjoying the drive
    Wanting to survive
    Even thrive
    Going my way

    (c) Janet Rice Carnahan 2022

  13. Silly Jingles That Stick

    Got milk?
    No? Then how
    can I eat
    my cereal,
    and hear that
    snap, crackle,
    and pop?

    I run on coffee
    and muster up muscle.
    America runs on Dunkin–
    spunk not in the equation.
    If sugar don’t kill ya,
    Boston Cream will do ya.

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  15. Awaiting Comments (doesn’t everybody?)

    When my eyes are filled with blood, my mood far from sanguine, even as I contemplate the vast ocean of wonderful writers, the crowded sky of prolific poets, it is easy to slip into insignificance, but when I sometimes say something which alters another person’s perspective, perhaps on a day when they needed it, I realize I am valuable, alongside everyone who dares to express their soul, and when they respond with love, my heart beats a little stronger.

  16. Hi all! This is me, Marie Elena. Keith and I are in “our” cabin in Ohio’s Hocking Hills for the week. We come to the same cabin every October to see the magnificent colors on display, and get away for a few days, just the two of us. Bloomings doesn’t recognize me down here. 😉 I’ve read all your poems so far, and want to respond to each one, but I know our site will figure I’m spamming you all and block me out. So just please know I’m thinking of you and very much enjoying your poems and presence! ❤

    • Autumn has a way of calling one back…..


      The morning sun sends slender rays
      to soothe the shivering land;
      another of autumn’s tender days
      awakens to heaven’s hand.

      Serene in cold, chickadees wait
      amidst the softening trees
      for insects, freed from frigid state,
      to liven a rising breeze,

      and from the pond a twisting mist
      slides forth to touch my face,
      as so it did, one day like this,
      when we were at this place.

      Nothing’s changed; it’s all the same;
      the sun turns frost to dew;
      the season’s slowly waning flame
      dances with thoughts of you.

  17. I am taking a risk. i used the French translator to write this poem and then I gave you the translation… I have been using the translator in my novels.. I like French and I like the perfume commercial for this perfume.


    Le parfum parle d’adoration-
    Fleurs de jasmin blanc
    Une nuit de séduction étouffante
    En prévision du désir
    Je touche le parfum à mon cou et à mes poignets.
    Je me dis qui est-ce que je trompe.
    Je vieillis,
    Et l’amour est pour les jeunes.
    Je rêve encore de ces moments…
    Quand nous prouvons que la sagesse conventionnelle est fausse.
    Je te dirai que je t’adore;
    Je te dirai que je t’adore,
    Et jetez la prudence au vent.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    26 Octobre 2022

    I adore

    The scent speaks of adoration-
    Flowers of white jasmine.
    A sultry night of seduction
    In anticipation of desire.
    I touch the perfume to my neck and my wrists.
    I say to myself who am I fooling.
    I am growing old,
    And love is for the young.
    Still, I dream of those moments…
    When we prove conventional wisdom is wrong.
    I will say to you I adore you.
    I will whisper to you I love you,
    And throw caution to the wind.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    October 26, 2022

  18. Anticipation is

    a glut of green and black
    caterpillars decimating the pot
    of parsley brought into the barn
    against the hard freeze

    Italian and French curled all
    the same to the tiny but voracious
    appetites, this crazy late autumn
    behavior their norm so we in and out
    the heavy pot to let them take
    advantage of high sun and warmer wind

    soon anticipation will turn to an eerie
    disappointment as they disappear suddenly
    as is their wont to pupate hatch and migrate
    or go into dia-pause and hang out
    beneath banked leaves until spring blooms

    I’ve yet to count them as they scale bare stems
    they’ve peeled for last nourishment
    so much for fresh herbs over winter perhaps
    another disappointment but anticipation
    wins out as I watch and wait.

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