– What steps did you take to determine the length and style?

Since it was my first decent-sized compilation, I went through my published poems and decided which ones I’d like to use.

– How did you wade through your possibly thousands of poems?

I chose a theme and selected my poems that way. And that determined length. Since many of my poems are light-hearted, I chose that for a theme and used 70 poems, only three or four of which would see publication for the first time. If the poem didn’t fit the theme, it didn’t make it in the collection. And all the other initial publications were credited.

– What route did you take? Traditional? Indie? Self?

Self-publishing, though I did have some help with formatting. (I traded services with a publisher I’ve been working with for my other books.) I used the same press in our region that I had used for my family version of my first picture book. My artist friend, Deb Pryce, came up with the cover with collaboration. She’s amazing. We chose feathers to denote lightness for the cover art.

I wanted a less costly route so that I could sell the books more reasonably, given that I’m not well known and poetry, unfortunately, doesn’t make a person wealthy. But I do like to write it.

My book, Travelling Light, is available from me and hopefully soon I will have a store on my website.