Walter J. Wojtanik

Today, Robert Lee Brewer features Walt’s own poetry form, the Boketto, at The Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides! What an honor! Go check out the article, with fine examples by Walt himself, and also by Janet Rice Carnahan: Boketto: Poetic Forms – Writer’s Digest ( .

Congratulations, pard!

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  1. WALT

    Here, while tilling the garden
    and making the soil ready
    for poems to sprout and grow,
    he plants gleanings
    of his mind and soul

    to nurture others’ muses,
    that words that one peruses
    might grow whole.

  2. Walter Who

    Wit, charm and daring grace him,
    bringing joy to those near, far,
    perhaps following his lead,
    or maybe not.
    He supports them all.

    Partner, champion, sponsor,
    sure sower of seeds, Grace-filled.
    He is loved.

  3. Trying my hand at Boketto – almost double the number of the Shadorma…so it was a stretch!! 😉


    Ribbons of pink and purple
    rest on distant horizon,
    crickets and bullfrogs singing
    lullaby of
    evening contentment.

    Gone is the noise of the day.
    Tomorrow, nowhere in sight.
    Only now.

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