Daniel Paicopulos

“Veterans Voices is a wonderful magazine, with three issues per year. It is open to veterans’ submissions of poetry, essays, photography and other art. They allow up to two accepted submissions per veteran per issue. So far, they have published 16 of my pieces, with 9 to 11 still in the queue, accepted for future publication. They always give a small honorarium for published works, and they have also awarded my submissions with eight special prizes, for things like Best Poem, Expressions of Compassion and Understanding, Serving My Country, Encouraging Others to Write, How Meditation or Prayer Helped My Recovery, Personal Story, and Editors’ Choice. While I enjoy the acknowledgment, I always return the financial awards as a donation, thinking they can make better use of the money than I can, even as I remain grateful for their appreciation of my efforts.” ~ Daniel Paicopulos

Congratulations, Daniel! This is such a well-deserved honor. Certainly Veterans Voices appreciates and is happy to share your talent, and also grateful for your generous heart. As for us, we are proud to call you one of our own! Thank you fervently for your service to our country!

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Daniel has a Youtube page, in which he offers readings of his poetry. Click this link, and enjoy: (104) Daniel Paicopulos – YouTube