This past week, we had experienced the phenomenon of what’s called the Supermoon/Blood Moon. Moon gazers came out to try and witness Mother Nature’s show. And we were all looking up at the same moon. In a sense we were connected.

This week we’re writing to the moon and back. Actually, we’re writing with the title “UNDER THE MOON OF_________________”. Fill in the blank and write it!

Give the moon qualities related to something or someone else. Some examples: Under the Moon of Capricorn, Under the Moon of Reason, Under the Moon Pie Sky, Under the Moon of Chocolate Confections… You get it. So give it a go and shoot the moon!


Beneath the Moon of God’s Choosing

In the midst of war
(and there is always a war)
lies grim misjudging.
Fear of difference.
Insatiable greed for land.
Resolute loathing.
Dire false impressions.
Grave miscommunications.

And a common moon.

And beneath that moon,
in God’s perfect alignment,
is home to us all.
We’ve food and water
(if only we’d gladly share),
great plains and mountains,
celebrated seas
with unfathomably large
communal mammals.
With microscopic
yet astoundingly complex
sentient beings.
Sands God has numbered
stay in place as our home spins,
not spilling a drop
of the vast waters
that both adorn and provide,
beautify and quench.

And though we do not
tend to her needs (let alone
the needs of “others”),
God gave us this home
brilliantly placed beneath the
moon of His choosing,
populated with
children He chooses to love.
(There are no “others.”}

© Marie Elena Good, 2021



I can see you in the distance
and I take the chance to dance 
with you in silhouette without regret.
The moonlight illuminates, it waits
for you to take your stance
in these arms of tender caress.
No need to confess our intent,
we have sent it packing 
for it was lacking any fault of misdeed.
This could lead to something more.
What the evening holds is the dream
of me holding you again, and then
I will lean in close and on the heated breath
of longing, breathe sweet somethings or nothings,
anything that will make you return to my arms
nightly. In the sight of the stars, you will quiver,
and I will deliver every nuance in advance. 
They can see us in the distance,
taking this chance to do our dance
under the moon of whispered desires.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2021