Whew! We’ve done it once more. Another April poetry challenge in the books. Hopefully, some of these poem drafts possibly find their way into one! You’ve all done an incredible job and have written some outstanding poems! But, today we begin again. We start over. We resume where we’ve left off.

There is no better way to confirm that fact then by writing a “Resume” poem. Get started to get re-started and write the next best thing outside of the confines of April!


Resumé of a Ten-Year-Old Who Wants to Volunteer at a School for Refugee Women and Children

She spent the entire afternoon asking me relevant, insightful questions about the school’s students, staff, and mission. How do you teach babies and preschoolers a second language? What countries do they come from?  What languages are spoken? Which is the most common?  (She made note of Arabic, and couldn’t wait to ask her mom if she can begin studying it via Rosetta Stone or Duolingo).  Would I please contact the volunteer coordinator to see if it is acceptable for a ten-year-old to volunteer to help the adults care for the children? Are masks required? Is there a dress code?  Is there a form her parents could complete and sign, giving her permission to volunteer there?  Even if they can’t let her volunteer yet, can she take a tour of the school, and meet the staff?  Oh, and would I please tell them she is mature for her age?

Eager native sprout
seeks to share energy to
root and bloom transplants

© Marie Elena Good, 2021



Starting from here;
going on from now.
A fresh start is at the heart
of all that is to come.
A brand new month
came to call, and all
that transpires grows
from the seeds planted
in those twelve months prior.
That fire in your belly
spurs you on, a prodding
giving the nod to better things.
A fresh start is at the heart
of perfecting your art.
It all up to you
to begin anew

© Walter J. Wojtanik - 2021