As April poetry month quickly approaches and we pick up the gauntlet of another Poem-A-Day challenge, we will fill the gap until April Fools Day with a "volunteer" poem.  Once Wednesday is gone, it's down to business!



She carried her King –
Prince of Peace, and Lord of all,
while suckling her foal.

© Marie Elena Good, 2021

“Now when they drew near to Jerusalem and came to Bethphage, to the Mount of Olives, then Jesus sent two disciples, saying to them, “Go into the village in front of you, and immediately you will find a donkey tied, and a colt with her. Untie them and bring them to me. If anyone says anything to you, you shall say, ‘The Lord needs them,’ and he will send them at once.” This took place to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet, saying, “Say to the daughter of Zion, ‘Behold, your king is coming to you, humble, and mounted on a donkey, and on a colt, the foal of a beast of burden.” ~ Matthew 21:1-5



Today I come a man of words
speaking THE Word.
A passion play so profound.
A move found much within
to start believing again.
Life’s most perfect Author. 
My voice will be calm,
my words steady.
A rookie In the starting rotation,
”Put me in coach, I’m ready!

(c) Walter J Wojtanik- 2021

75 thoughts on “PROMPT #331 – I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS…

  1. Top of the morning to ya! Marie, your poem is precise and concise as always. Killer first line. One of my favorite parts of the gospel and I love that perspective! Walt, to the show! I love that. You first line is equally grabbing, smacked me in the face, begging me to read it over and over again. 🙏🏽


    She’s a tropical, tender gal,
    who doesn’t volunteer her blooms willingly, but serves the season well
    with sizzling, fevered leaves, sexy with color.

    Edged in neon harlequin greens,
    infilled with burning burgundy flames,
    and licked with light fuchsia pinks;
    she serves her season well in a dazzling foliage dress.

    Dressed to impress the passerby,
    she never fails to catch and capture the eye, captivating unsuspecting stroller; luring him to second, third, glances.

    If she could dance, she’d romance many takers, thriving amidst the wicked heat of the day, but thrives equally, with shade thrown her way.
    Always the season’s showstopper.

    Benjamin Thomas


    A young lad,
    once offered his tongue
    tasting fruits of the wild.

    Offended by noxious fumes,
    and a horrid sapor—his tongue recoiled with a vengeance!

    Benjamin Thomas


    What is the wisdom of the day?
    Time to take the road less traveled,
    but reminiscing fleeting dust of past trails? Think not.

    Time to take the wisdom of the present day. Volunteer a helping hand, offering a sturdy shoulder to lean on, an open ear to hear, hearing the cries of the unheard.

    Benjamin Thomas


    Who is this,
    summoning all palmary praise?
    It is, my King of Kings,
    the blessed ancient of days.

    His name
    is MARVELOUS, counselor,
    to whom our hearts and voices raise.
    Sound his praise! Sound his praise!

    Benjamin Thomas

  6. Celebrate!

    Dropped onto the planet
    none of us signed up for this
    the bittersweet existence
    the day to day sometimes
    sans recognition or reward

    yet we breathe inhale exhale
    lungs inflating heart pumping
    100,000 beats without us
    expending our own effort

    if so blessed we see and hear
    walk and talk think and dream
    eat and sleep and live even though
    dropped onto the planet
    none of us signed up for this

    our challenges merely
    opportunities large and small
    to celebrate to excel to be our best selves
    to walk His walk and talk His talk
    to love tenderly even though
    none of us signed up for this.

  7. The Lessen Lesson

    I will not lessen what I was made to be
    All for the sake of fake conformity
    For God made these choices concerning me
    And I will only be
    The way He intended me

    It’s so sad that so many are so unhappy
    Unwilling to accept God’s creativity
    For the loving way He created you and me
    Why can’t everyone see
    We are as we should be

    So rid yourself of such conjured up notions
    And quit drinking up these demonic potions
    Meant to stir hate and discontented emotions
    Get your brain in motion
    Think without emotions

    For God made us different and all the same
    He’s a plan for us to play in this life’s game
    If we mess up we’re the one to take the blame
    So let’s play life’s game
    And let’s play in His Name

    So don’t lessen what He made you to be
    Use His perfect plan for your conformity

  8. Willing
    When the sun said “Yes, I will do the bright day”
    did the moon volunteer to stay out of the way
    and merely reflect what the sun will have done
    (except on eclipses for the sake of a run
    of her shadow across the earth’s broad face
    as she circled around in her orbital space)?
    When the cardinal chirped, taking up brilliant red,
    did the sparrow say “Brown for my wings and my head”
    since somebody was needed to bear the color of dirt,
    and, knowing that humbling hues didn’t hurt,
    she gladly was feathered in shades of brown
    and a vest of beige for her soft breast down?
    When the oceans said “We’ll take deep and take wide”
    did streams take small furrows in remote mountainsides,
    did creeks take meandering gullies so slow,
    did puddles accept depressions, shallow and low,
    and who took mere droplets that fell from the skies,
    or dew on the grass, or vapors that rise?
    Each thing has a part, each creature a role,
    Many tasks are required to make miracles whole.
    © Damon Dean, 2021

  9. The Seder

    All the family I took
    for granted always sat
    at this long table on
    the first night of
    Passover. Most of them
    are not here tonight. Those
    who knew the prayers in Hebrew
    and English, understanding
    the true meaning, those
    who added laughter, those
    who told tales. Each person’s
    presence, a vital part
    of the whole. Now we are
    all the family.

  10. Sharing a “volunteer” poem before we get started in PAD tomorrow!!


    O God of errant pear trees
    dropped into abandoned pastures
    by your carefree birds swooping
    through on their merry adventures

    Thank you for towering white
    blooming in the fence line bees
    zooming into stamened hearts
    as the noxious weed patrol patrols

    Held at bay by private property
    mockingbirds tsk-ing in their wake
    Bradfords’ now invasive species
    and standing at the tiny window

    above the sink I’m delighted to
    have this unsuspecting volunteer
    warming my heart opening to spring
    clusters of pear blooms waving.

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