2021 April Poem-a-Day Announcement!

April is quickly approaching, and that means The Writer’s Digest’s Poetic Asides editor, Robert Lee Brewer, will be hosting his annual April Poem-a-Day Challenge (where Walt and I, and many of us “met!”). I plan to provide Robert’s 2021 April P.A.D. Challenge prompts right here at Poetic Bloomings every day for the entire month of April. As has become our custom, we will suspend our own prompts, in favor of simply poeming alongside the WD Poetic Asides group.

If you share your poems here (and we hope you will!), we want to be clear about one thing:  The idea is not to take away from Robert’s site, but to have a small, safe place where our Bloomers can easily share our poems daily, and interact and encourage one another throughout the month.  It is important to recognize that the prompts for Robert’s April PAD are 100% his own. Very unfortunately for him, and through no fault of his own, the WD site became user-unfriendly. No need to wait for moderation or sign up for a third-party platform here at Bloomings.  We are a small and intimate group. We know you!  And we are better for it!

IN ADDITION: It looks like Robert initiated his 10-day challenge “count down” to April. It began yesterday (March 22). If you would like to get on board there, here is a link to yesterday’s prompt: 2021 April PAD Challenge Countdown: T-minus 10 – Writer’s Digest .

Connect, keep healthy, and poem on!

Marie Elena

20 thoughts on “2021 April Poem-a-Day Announcement!

  1. I attempted to sign up on the new Disqus site, established a profile, but now am frozen every time I try to verify at PA. I don’t get it.

    • This is interesting. I decided to stop posting to Poetic Asides after they adopted Disqus because I read up on Disqus and didn’t like some of what I learned about it, mainly that they make their money by selling data, including personal data. They have an opt-out provision, but that is negated every time one clears a browser, as I do often. I informed Robert Brewer about that because I used to post to his site all the time, but was bothered by what I learned.

    • I’ve had a difficult time as well. I stopped posting there (with possibly 2 exceptions?) a few years ago. It got too difficult. I feel so sorry for Robert, as what he had begun so long ago resulted in an extraordinary community of poets and generous sharing of poems. Through no fault of his own, it has become too hard to continue.

      Bill, I didn’t know what you are referring to regarding what you discovered about Disqus. That is disturbing. 😦

      • I did some checking when PA first went to that commenting system. I thought that their opt-out option would make it easy for me to use it, but my tendency to routinely clear browsing information apparently would make cumbersome. So I decided to forget it. Too bad, because I like Robert’s site and work. I think he’s a great gift to poets.

        • He is truly a great gift, Bill. I blame WD for not doing a better job of accommodating the success he was having. Back in 2009, the April PAD poem and comment numbers were off the charts. The site had a hard time keeping it from crashing toward the end of the month, and again the following April. Changes were made that kept the site from crashing, but made it so hard to post and comment that it wasn’t worth it after a while. It seemed an unintentional punishment for Robert’s success. Just makes me sad.

  2. This will be very helpful–thanks in advance, Marie! I’m both excited/eager, and anxious–April’s Poetry Months is SO Cool, but it means gearing up for extra work 🙂

  3. Let’s Write

    Poems with bite
    with teeth that crunch
    dice shred

    Let’s face the dread
    head on and move
    into to embrace

    Other faces races
    with open arms
    and ears and mouths

    Shut so that we hear
    listen and chew
    until we taste

    The lacks and feel
    the pinch of hunger
    for the promise

    This land is yours
    with a Y and ours
    the labor with your

    To share and gift
    to deconstruct old
    build anew and now.

    T-10 WD

  4. Unpacking

    What causes the iridescent hummer
    to return to the feeder
    in the side yard

    Is it the shining red liquid
    promise a jolt of nectar sweetness
    or is it wiring in a tiny brain

    Does the orange and black oriole
    choose the pumpkin colored feeder
    because it matches its plumage

    Or because it can perch
    better on the broad rim
    while tiny hummers hover

    Though the sun doesn’t move
    how does the earth tilt on its axis
    moving toward summer solstice

    Do sunflowers follow its rising
    and setting because it is the sun or
    because they are smaller ones

    Do we question because we seek
    answers or do we only question
    what we think we don’t know and

    In the knowing feign surprise so
    surreptitiously we pretend this game
    unpacking answers to question more.

    T-9 Cause/Effect WD

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  6. Here’s my poem–not sure if you wanted it here, in addition to the pingback link thingy 🙂
    Let’s rev Muse motor

    April soon takes eager wing

    Flare those twitching quills

    Buckle seatbelts, Passion drives

    (Hoping I come through alive!)

    ©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.

  7. I did the April PAD for years, but have slacked off these last few. It seemed as if the prompts got redundant and many didn’t inspire a poem. I really love the PB prompts and PAD challenge months, even the EODPAD like we did last year. But, I’ll give it a shot again this year and see what springs forth in my twisted mind.

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