2021 April Poem-a-Day Announcement!

April is quickly approaching, and that means The Writer’s Digest’s Poetic Asides editor, Robert Lee Brewer, will be hosting his annual April Poem-a-Day Challenge (where Walt and I, and many of us “met!”). I plan to provide Robert’s 2021 April P.A.D. Challenge prompts right here at Poetic Bloomings every day for the entire month of April. As has become our custom, we will suspend our own prompts, in favor of simply poeming alongside the WD Poetic Asides group.

If you share your poems here (and we hope you will!), we want to be clear about one thing:  The idea is not to take away from Robert’s site, but to have a small, safe place where our Bloomers can easily share our poems daily, and interact and encourage one another throughout the month.  It is important to recognize that the prompts for Robert’s April PAD are 100% his own. Very unfortunately for him, and through no fault of his own, the WD site became user-unfriendly. No need to wait for moderation or sign up for a third-party platform here at Bloomings.  We are a small and intimate group. We know you!  And we are better for it!

IN ADDITION: It looks like Robert initiated his 10-day challenge “count down” to April. It began yesterday (March 22). If you would like to get on board there, here is a link to yesterday’s prompt: 2021 April PAD Challenge Countdown: T-minus 10 – Writer’s Digest .

Connect, keep healthy, and poem on!

Marie Elena