Rev. Al Green was just on the player, singing his hit “Let’s Stay Together.” It got me thinking about things that are linked together or should be together. Even thought of some things that would be unusual pairings (I do tend to be unusual from time to time) and what their relation would amount to! There’s “Dollars to donuts,” bacon and eggs (or “Green Eggs and Ham,” Thank you, Ted Geisel!), Hall and Oates, for a few examples.

So, for the sake of togetherness, write about a pairing that should stay together or come together. Search the moon and stars for an inspiration, and write your poem. No link will be broken!



My Shepherd knows me.
He named me, just as He named
each star in the sky.

© Marie Elena Good, 2021

“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart…”  ~Isaiah 40:11a

Were I to name the piece above,
Perhaps I’d call it God and Love,
or Know and Known,
or Never Alone.

I’d maybe name it Sky and Stars,
Perhaps I’d lean toward His and Ours,
or Tend and Keep …
or Shepherd and Sheep.



The yin and yang of aches and pains,
my weapons in a constant war!
Where medications miss the mark
I hearken for these modalities.
Not a finality by any stretch,
but, it’s good right now, right here.
And right here and here.
Heat it up and chill it down.
It satisfies this aging clown!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2021



They met in a mélange of a poetry challenge
a dozen long years ago.
And they became lasting fans of each other’s,
the way the story goes.
Neophytes both of poetic ways
(to way back to their earlier days)
She, an aspiring children’s author,
he a perspiring music composer.
But he liked what she wrote
and how she encouraged.
And she liked his voice, a choice
to keep her from getting discouraged.
Two “top guns” holstered,
prodded and bolstered, helped
along their poetic ways. No end in sight
as long as they chose the right
to write what they chose.
Opposed on Eerie’s ends.
Two friends who have never met,
but you can bet they know each other
well. It’s not hard to tell,
why they’ve stayed together!

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2021

Love this, Walt!  Thank you, and I couldn’t agree more.  Thankful for you, my partner-in-rhyme! 

165 thoughts on “PROMPT #328 – LET’S STAY TOGETHER

  1. Oh my, I’m quite enamored! Marie, my heart and spirit echo your lines–I’m warmed and so blessed in the wee hours (Pac NW). Walt, I’m so loving your “ways and says”–what a fine team you two make. Poet-friends are one of the best blessings, in my book. I can’t thank you both enough for making me so welcome here–and I’ll try to rustle up some “togetherness”…see you later ❤

  2. Top of the morning to ya!!! Marie, your poem really made me stop, consider your words over and over again. Bonus poems from both of you is a quite a treat! Walt, I love both of your poems. I can relate to those aches and pains my friend! We say amen to two friends opposing Erie’s ends! Now, let the games begin!


    There’s nothing
    like water

    and ice cubes
    mingled together

    gracing our cups
    with elements
    of weather

    One is rain
    an ebullient fluid

    One is ice
    cubes from heaven
    reigning over us

    One and the
    same thing

    liquid and
    solid forever

    Benjamin Thomas


    The heavens decided,
    that our ways would cross.

    Now we parade,
    happily—across the same path.

    It’s been fourteen years,
    this you and I—

    in simple math,
    since our hearts collided.

    Five thousand
    and a hundred ten days;

    ways—of sharing one love,
    melded mind.

    Yes, it’s simple math,
    this you and I.

    Benjamin Thomas

  5. Not sure where this one came from.


    Not to be nosy—
    but something tells me
    we should stay together?

    It doesn’t matter
    what you say,
    you still smell!

    I pick up scents,
    but thanks—
    for your two cents.

    Well, victory
    is mine,
    I can taste it!

    Benjamin Thomas

  6. Okay..
    The best partner poem yet, Walt and Marie…friendship crafted by heaven. Well written Walt. And I also having survived knee replacement last fall appreciated the Ying and yang of hot and cold compress.
    Marie, your perspective on His love of us emphasized my morning reading today. “What is man, that You are mindful of him?” Ps. 8:4. Oh how He loves us. What unlikely pairs we all are with Him.


    Eerily, across Lake Erie,
    they till
    their garden of poetry
    things ferment and metaphors mix and they find
    they’ve brewed
    a stew that bubbles up to form
    a new
    tribute to Marie and Walt’s


    When sturm meets drang and yin meets yang,
    I’ve thunk upon the things they brang
    and thereupon I have to beg:
    which is chicken and which is egg?

  9. Back later, but Marie Elena, you could borrow Martin Buber’s title. Ich und Du. I and Thou. ( Too bad it’s God the Maker. If it were the Holy Spirit: “Me and my Shadow” )

    • I certainly had to look up Ich und Du. Love these suggestions, Barbara! I especially love Me and my Shadow, and THAT sounds like a poem you should write. 😉

  10. Pansies & Spring

    I’m walking, no, trudging
    through the large mart store
    crossing the warehouse
    for something forgotten
    from the other side when

    I see her three pots swinging
    from a hook-over-wrist technique
    plus both of her hands full of bright
    yellow pansy faces and voilá

    suddenly I push the cart faster
    a dreary day’s load lightened
    as I scan the tropicals to see if
    around the other side might be
    smiling pansy faces but only
    encounter aging bamboo drooping
    tea plants and cello-orchids

    so I steer across the warehouse
    again with my full cart and pause
    only to rearrange a bit and make
    room for these new must-haves
    not on any lists but more important
    than pantry staples and produce

    here is food for the spirit and proof
    that even nights dipping down
    into the 20s will pose no threat
    to these little happy harbingers
    that in a single merry face proclaim
    ground warming blackberries budding
    and daffodils pushing even immune
    to a late March snow so I bump through

    into a barely open garden center and
    splurge on 4-pots of white, yellow and maroon
    select a single pot of new-fangled trailers
    to sit the glass patio table
    host to pansies now these last five years
    square my shoulders and smile through
    my mask step lightly to self-checkout
    celebrating these two so intertwined
    pansies and spring.

  11. I sensed that this might feel like a Hallmark card, so I started to toughen it up a bit, but then settled on “so what?”.

    Earth Angel

    Would you believe it?
    Could you conceive it?
    I have an earth angel
    leading the way,
    wake up more in love with her,
    even on a bad day.

    She is at her very, very best 
    when I am at my very, very worst,
    pushing her to a loving test,
    even when her pain came first,
    ready with a helping hand,
    pointing to the promised land.

    My body’s been through hell,
    but my heart, my soul as well,
    have spent more time in peace
    because of my earth angel’s ease,
    with her doting, constant care,
    focused on the love we share.

    Without her I doubt
    that I’d even be,
    but with no wish to find out,
    I’m so glad that there’s a we.
    I needn’t be clever to know
    I will love her more, forever.

    And then some.

  12. Hand in Glove

    Glasses and cases
    should, but do not
    jelly and donut hits the spot
    macaroni and cheese comes up aces

    Bonnie and Clyde
    infamous, true
    wallowed in crime
    got a movie deal, too

    Sonny and Cher
    voices that blended
    her beautiful hair
    his cleverness expended

    Reading and writing
    help me compose
    poems dark and light
    made of cellars and windows

  13. My Suitcase and I

    I’ll tell you of a pal of mine
    Especially on the weekends
    Together, we go everywhere
    My suitcase and I are good friends

    I wonder when we’ll get away
    Because of COVID, it depends
    I’m looking forward to some trips
    My suitcase and I are good friends

    I dream of stuffing it with clothes
    Of which it faithfully attends
    Then off we go to Tuscany
    My suitcase and I are good friends

    When I at last get off the plane
    At airport, when the long flight ends
    I’m glad to see it on the carrousel
    My suitcase and are good friends

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  15. Inspiration is a Wily Fart

    A weird old soul, my muse is. Sly
    as a slug in tomato season. Known
    for being there and not, he’s like a draft
    sending me to fetch a sweater or throw
    and taking back the reason halfway
    down the hall, to leave me feeling
    drab and insecure, and wanting sleep.
    There he is then, so pervasive even you
    would think I owe him money. Round
    and round the wheel rolls. Which one
    will I remember? Which will wake me up?


    Earth readies herself,
    does her dapper, daily dance
    spinning, spinning,
    orbits, happily romanced,

    Her center, star, and Sun,
    who casts his brilliant eager smile,
    sparkling countenance,
    at 186,000 miles—
    per second,
    forthright to rule the day,
    as the greater light-bearer,
    illuminate her stay.

    Imperial moon, majestically
    fastened —
    In perpetual, monthly,
    ballroom dances,
    with her—Earth
    orbiting, happily prances,
    since their birth;
    crowning her in a cool
    ghost white glow.

    Earth still dancing,
    grinning, spinning—
    round about,
    happily, practically;
    —cedes baton,
    to dawning moon,
    the lesser light-bearer
    to rule the night,
    dutifully, beautifully,
    with borrowed golden light,
    cratered countenance.

    Benjamin Thomas

  17. God Did It

    Our paths in life had many twists and turns
    Many ups and downs
    But we kept on getting up
    Knowing that there were better days coming
    While not knowing when they would come

    We were from completely different worlds
    Thousands of miles apart
    Yet fate would bring us together
    Under the strangest of circumstances or
    At least circumstances we didn’t understand
    At the time

    I said fate brought us into the same room
    But looking back I realized
    It was God who made it happen
    For His plan for us was developing
    Even though at the time we had no clue

    To make a long story even longer
    We were in the same room
    For quite some time before we realized
    That it was us that should be together
    No matter the oddness of our differences

    After all
    Who were we to fight the feelings
    Who were we to fight the obvious
    Who were we to tell God He was wrong
    Not us


    In the midst
    of pen and paper
    lies words of a man

    paper and pen
    lies heart rendered

    pen and paper
    lies an arrayed genius

    In the midst
    of paper and pen
    lies what men think

    pen and paper
    lies captured thought

    paper and pen
    lies motives to cart

    In the midst
    of pen and paper
    lie prized words bought

    paper and pen
    lies an ardent art

    pen and paper
    lies the man therein

    paper and pen
    do their part

    In the midst
    of pen and paper
    lies a message sent

    paper and pen
    a hidden man departs.

    Benjamin Thomas


    The true Robin
    the distance to freedom.

    Sailing freely
    the sea skies.

    The true Robin
    the value of change.

    Sets its compass,
    never dismayed.

    The true Robin
    the full-tilt-blitz of color’s harvest.

    makes a mad dash.

    The true Robin
    Springtime on her whisper wings.

    Serves the season,
    with a clutch of things—eggs.

    The true Robin
    ever sings,
    a sure fire message.

    is but a slumber.

    The true Robin
    the shape of nature’s change.

    Nurtures her young,
    to sail the range of free skies.

    Benjamin Thomas


    Some things
    are most inevitable.

    Such as life, death,
    bitterness, and taxes.

    Happiness, pain,
    arthritis, or a mortician’s waxes.

    Some things
    are most inevitable.

    Some good, bad, worse,
    the regrettable.

    Some things
    are most inevitable.

    Such as spring,
    daystar, sunrise, and sunset.

    Family, strife, jealousy,
    peace, or regret.

    Some things
    are most inevitable.

    Such as mood, food,
    sweat, sleep and season.

    Fear, doubts,
    knowledge, boredom, or reason.

    Yes, some things
    are most inevitable.

    Benjamin Thomas


    Winter’s sting
    temporarily ceases

    life in motion

    hidden things
    silent sleeping

    until awakening
    creeping things

    rooted things

    unfurling blossom
    floating pollens

    crowning trees

    bated breath
    living spring

    breathes her

    gives birth

    summer sighs

    summer rains

    flowering buds

    Summer shines

    Benjamin Thomas

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