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Sailing through life.
A tumultuous trek full 
of waves and high winds
wreaking havoc on waters once docile.

Our destination is not quite clear.

We search, but it can’t be seen from here,
but at the end of that horizon
lies the end of the horizon.

You’ll ask yourself: Did I love?

Fully; unconditionally?
There was never a price on love,
but its value was infinite.

Yet, we pose to give love away.

That is to say that what we dispatch,
should match what we receive, and do not believe
the blessings you bestow on others

do not flow back to you. They do.
It is true. Love is the compass 
of life’s journey. If you value love
and give your love away, you’re well on your way.

Love leads to love.
It gives us our direction.
Value love! Ahoy!

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2021


The term ekphrastic (also spelled ecphrastic) is a Greek expression meaning – description. Using details, writers in ancient Greece attempted to put words to visual mediums. Before long, poets went beyond description to explore deeper meanings. Today, the word ekphrastic can refer to a literary response to a non-literary work.

So, in a sense, Ekphrastic poetry explores art. The poet/writer engages with a painting, drawing, sculpture, or any form of visual art. Poetry about music and dance could also be seen as a type of ekphrastic writing.

Use the above photograph as the emphasis for your poem.