Seems we had hit the mother lode when we “played favorites” last week. We had more responses than we had in quite a while and a return of many familiar voices. We thank you for contributing so greatly. (Benjamin Thomas rocked the yard!) We aren’t done with our other poet inspiration yet! This week, we’re taking the title of another poet’s poem, changing just one word to write a completely different poem. You can write in the style of the original piece, but you are welcome to make the poem your own, so that is not required. But please do give us a clue as to who had written the original poem.



I sit down to write.
Ink flows fast, and I soon have
a poem-filled page.

I sit down to write.
Hours later, my page is blank.
Must be this old pen.

© Marie Elena Good, 2021

Inspired by “Old Men,” by Daniel Paicopulos.  (Changed from Old Men to old pen, but didn’t want to give the punch line a heads up in the title.)



Here, the light exposes me,
as black as the pit is my soul.
And no matter how odd it may be
I am an inconsolable Pole.

If I fell clutching my circumstance
or should yell “For crying out loud!”,
These blues are showing my last chance
my head is ruddy now and bowed.

There is no place for wrath filled tears
or for fears of shady horrors,
It seems my penance is quite clear,
my judge and jury feed my sorrows.

And so, I stand behind this gate,
charged with believing in truths untold.
Here, where convicted is my fate:
Things are out of my control.

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2021

**A reworking of “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley