Using this word cloud, write the gift of a poem for the rest of us.

The RED words tell the Santa story; the GREEN touch on the Nativity.



O Humble Town of Splendid Star

O Bethlehem,
do you know the One you have birthed?
Let the earth rejoice;
raise her voice in song! 
For the long-awaited Christ was born of Mary –
the very woman the angel blessed. 
She feeds the King at her breast,
as angel choirs sing praise,
and a star blazes above you,
O little town. 

No crown for this babe
who is able to save,
and will conquer the grave someday

yet for now, rests in hay –

This Way. 
This Truth. 
This Life.

O Bethlehem …
your star, a royal diadem.

© Marie Elena Good, 2020





Who needs any more reason for the season?

This is the time of year the children find pleasing,

A mother-to-be upon a mule

they have the hardest time that night keeping their cool.

bearing a child who would be the Christ!

They hope they’ve made the nice list,

To Bethlehem they have come to be counted.

but a damage control plan has been mounted.

They had come to this place, to a stable

They concern themselves with the age-old fable

and it is there where the Savior was born.

that Santa will check his once, then twice before that morn.

A Child marked by a heavenly star, the reason

A good once over will not suffice, a nice would be quite pleasing.

for our existence, a recompense for our sins.

So the children listen for the reindeer and the sleigh,

Thus the whole Christmas season begins.

Hoping for the toys with which to play.

And we celebrate that Christmas to this very day!



(C) Walter J Wojtanik – 2020