Stepping away from the banquet table, one of the next telling highlights of the holiday season can be found in the music and sounds we hear. Christmas Carols and songs seem to dominate the airwaves at this time of year obviously. I’m sure there are equally prominent songs from the other cultural celebrations. Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or even maybe a Festivus ditty could be heard.

Using a title or a lyric from one such inspiration, write a Haibun.

The haibun is the conjoining of two poetic forms: a prose poem and an ending haiku. Japanese poet Matsuo Basho made the form popular in the 17th Century. The prose poem and haiku are generally linked together  directly or indirectly.




I am Santa Claus and I come by my skills naturally. Passed down from generation to generation in celebration of the day to which I was appointed. Anointed with design capabilities and the ability to work in any medium, largely because my father and grandfather had taught me the value of a job well done. Plus in the process, I have fun. Christmas may come along once a year, but up here in my corner of the world where the winds swirl and the snow flies, I keep my eyes on the prize. I do my very best and request the very same from my helpers and friends because it all depend on them and their acquired skills as well. And let me tell you, we make great things that will bring joy to many and any who believe in the value of craftsmanship. We’re hip to it!


Let’s face it, someone has to keep this process moving forward. But, I do not think of my support group as underlings. The elves and snow people, the fauna and birds all are my partners. For starters, it’s a grand undertaking and there’s no mistaking our commitment. We were meant to do this! And I suppose my lineage has set me up to lead and succeed. But as I’ve stated, I am elated to be able to work with a whole “army” of leaders. A bit more important than craftsmanship, leadership will keep us on the right path for the good of the world.


We have always been dedicated to the proposition that Christmas is the time for us to come together for the cause of all humanity. It is insanity to think one person or group is more important than another. We are all in this together, whether or not we are all the same race, religion, persuasion, orientation, color or creed. We need to join in the common cause for the sake of the world. It is in fellowship that we sail into the future for our future’s sake. Whatever it may take, we cannot forsake each other. We are all sisters and brothers in the family of man.

I saw three ships come
sailing on a steady course,
steered by Santa Clau

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2020