One Horse Open Sleigh

We as poets and writers eventually come to that “Hallmark” moment when we read a greeting card verse and say “I could’ve written that” or even “Why didn’t I write that?” I’m not sure how many of us still take the time to sit down and write and send Christmas Cards anymore. It truly seems to be a lost art.

So, maybe this is your chance to express exactly what you wish to convey without the hassle of running out of stamps. Today, your poem will be the verse inside of a Christmas Card. Humorous or serious, religious or secular, send your well wishes to the comment box for us all to enjoy. C’mon, sit right down and write yourself a Christmas card.


A Christmas Card

‘Twas the morning of Christmas,
And Santa was spent,
Having just returned home
From his yearly event.

After taking his shower
And downing his Joe,
He awoke Mrs. Claus
With a sweet kiss hello.

On their loveseat they sat
With the best Book on earth
To read St. Luke’s account
Of the Christ Child’s birth.

“By miraculous means
A young woman conceived,
And the baby she bore
Would save all the deceived,”

“Which includes you and me,”
Santa said, his voice low;
His eyes brimming with tears
From his heart’s overflow.

“And the best gift of all
Doesn’t come from my sleigh.
No, the best gift of all?
Sacred love, in scant hay.”

© Marie Elena Good, 2020


I see you when you’re sleeping.
I’m not creepy, I am Santa Claus.
Just think of the gifts I’ll be heaping,
while I know that you are sleeping.
Sugarplum visions you’ll be keeping,
and I’ll be staying true to my cause.
I see you when you’re sleeping.
I’m not creepy, I am Santa Claus.