A short while back, Robert Lee Brewer introduced us to this simple but interestingly named form, Bob and Wheel. I thought we might explore it a bit deeper.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Quintain (or five-line) stanza or poem
  • Rhyme scheme of ababa
  • First line of two to three syllables
  • Lines two through five have six syllables per line



We’re in between seasons,
between Winter and Fall,
or rainfall and freezin’
and that covers it all.

in excessive amounts.
Glad that it stays outdoors,
I guess that’s all that counts
or I’ll be mopping floors.

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2020


23 thoughts on “INFORM POET – BOB AND WHEEL

  1. Great poem, Walt (as always). Your work inspired one with a slightly Southern twist.

    Mostly Sunshine

    Sunny days
    Down here in the Southland
    Enjoying sunny rays
    Keeping up the suntan
    Cooler weather to play

    Leaves falling
    Still green upon the ground
    We know winter’s calling
    That acorn crunching sound
    Snow, to us, appalling


    frisky, I wrote some verse;
    my muse hit the ceiling
    and said, in tone quite terse:
    “Quit bobbing and wheeling.”

  3. And here’s one with a southwest twist

    No Mostly

    Autumns can surprise you
    Sunny warm days are best
    Snow’s just as likely, too
    Nights are cold regardless

    Already leaves are down
    Some rain and nippy winds
    The world is turning brown
    The last leaf falls and spins

  4. Places That Make Me Smile

    In woods
    I touched the bark of trees,
    some smooth, some rough. I stood
    still breathing pine, longing
    to remain there for good.

    On sand
    I watched the ocean waves
    roll in, and as was planned
    it tickled toes with spray.
    Fun way to spend a day.


    I’m told
    that I harnessed the breadth
    of feelings manifold,
    but it sore pained my headth
    because I had a cold.

  6. Flight Patterns

    Black crows,
    raucous and rowdy, fly by.
    Not like geese in tidy rows,
    but scattered across the sky –
    careless, toppled dominoes

    My second attempt

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