This is simple.

Complete this simile,

“AS AWKWARD AS ______________”

Write that poem.


As Awkward as Two in an Elevator

He says hi there;
she says hello.
“Which floor?” he asks.
She doesn’t know.
His finger waits,
then starts to tap.
Her face turns red.
She thinks, “Oh crap.
Why can’t I think?
Just pick a floor!”
Her brain congeals.
He taps some more.
“Just. Pick. A. Floor.”
That thought now slips
from clotted brain
through tense, pursed lips.
With sideways glance
and impish smirk,
he presses 12.
(Joker?  Or Jerk?)
Long, silent ride
can’t end too soon.
It seems to take
all afternoon.
She ruminates
entire ride,
should parting words
be kind?  Or snide?
She isn’t sure
how this should end –

Just like my awkward
poem, my friend.

© Marie Elena Good, 2020



That first sight said it all,
more that you were able to muster.
You’d stammer and bluster hoping
the words you chose would close the deal.
You steal another glance
and a chance to say hello. But you don’t know.
Will she answer in kind
or mind her own space?
Would she grace with a smile
or have disdain on her face.
She’s probably not interested,
she probably can’t see you.
Her wonder is her disguise,
there’s a glimmer in her eyes.
You swallow your gum, you stand there mum,
some thoughts come to your mind
but you find your mouth is is full
of mumbles and verbal stumbles.
She takes the lead and you beg and plea
that you don’t say something stupid.
You’re bolstered by Cupid’s dart
(even though it missed your heart
and caught you in the throat)
She smiles and offers her greeting. You think of retreating.
You’re sad and shy, but look her in the eye
and say “Hello”. A slow process
in any book. “He’s not as dumb as he looks!”

41 thoughts on “PROMPT #303 – NOW, THAT’S AWKWARD!

  1. Walt, I just adore that you chose romance for this “awkward” prompt. The charm here is ADORABLE. Man, do you ever hit spot on in your romance poems … even in the awkward stages. Love it!

  2. Awkward as a Nine-fingered Centipede

    They can’t be counted—stars—
    on all Earth’s toes and fingers.

    And what does it matter
    If I know—or not—
    how many there are.

    There are plenty.
    I’d hate to feed them
    and send them off to school.

  3. Awkward is a good work to describe all the oddness and such this year. The things that are happening are NOT good for this country, for our freedom, or for any cause, especially the causes that have been tainted by violence and politics. But, to me, and it’s obvious, it’s the nature of the beast when a nation kicks God out the back door and Satan walks in the front. We are a nation that needs to get back on our knees for One reason only. For God.

    Awkwardly Odd

    It used to be easy
    It used to be fun
    Exchanging ideas
    Without any fears
    But times have changed
    People are nuts
    The divide is wide
    Not just on one side
    No longer can we
    Express our beliefs
    Lest we get attacked
    With nothing but flack
    We try to explain
    But to no avail
    There’s always a fuss
    What’s happened to us?
    We used to respect
    When we disagree
    That’s no longer true
    Except for a few
    A very few care
    For others beliefs
    But even they get
    Their share of threats
    What’s happened to us?
    Why all the hate speech?
    It baffles my mind
    So many unkind
    We all need to quit
    With all of the hate
    It’s awkwardly odd
    We need to seek God

  4. AS AWKARD AS WRITING OFF TOPIC, by Walter J Wojtanik


    I’ve been here through the year,
    and let me make this one thing clear.

    The spirit of the season plays
    through each and every of my days.

    Do not mistake me for a poser,
    I accept the mantle, I’m no hoser.

    Just a man that’s filled with mirth
    from the highest point on this green earth.

    I’ve been busy undercover,
    giving the list a good twice over,

    so don’t you think I’ve taken pause,
    I am (ready to be your) Santa Claus.

    © Walter J Wojtanik – 2020

    Sept. 16th begins my 100 Days to Christmas Poem-A-Day personal challenge at

  5. The Klutz

    A man who was grocery shopping
    reached for a jar of fudge topping
    He stretched out his hand
    watched jars topple from stand
    Mop, aisle two! Stuck shoes, as awkward as clown feet flopping.

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  7. What Sumac Thought

    As awkward as…
    always being first to turn,
    Mother Nature’s joke on me,
    my dry, drab and crisping leaves
    surrendering to red.

    Dogwoods whisper
    “Showoff!” (though
    they themselves turn next)
    and stolid hickories,
    oaks, black gums,
    sigh impatiently as if
    I had a choice.

    My clusters of red berries,
    as if embarrassed,
    shrivel, fade from red
    to nearly black.

    I will drop them soon enough,
    red leaves black berries both,
    and shed the stigma undeserved,
    hopefully forgotten
    with the coming Change.

    To Autumn’s calming dryness,
    then Winter’s insistent winds
    I will answer with my sleep
    and slip with calm assurance
    into dreams of Spring.

    © Damon Dean, 2020

  8. Awkward

    A mazingly uncomfortable.
    W eirdly out of place.
    K lunky in performance.
    W ay to go, Grace.
    A nd whose idea was this? No one
    R eally knows. It’s fun to
    D ance, but watch out for your toes!

  9. As Awkward as a Missing Line

    a moment’s inspiration
    followed by a space
    a broken conversation
    longing for friends
    a search for my muse
    she’s on break
    a walk in a dark hallway
    night’s embrace
    something I meant to say
    recited on a summer lawn
    prophets and poets
    take from the cup
    a line break in a poem
    waiting to end
    terms of endearment
    of undeniable lovers
    visions of two exes who
    can’t find the words to say

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