A lifetime is filled with many memorable moments. So much history has passed through our lives like sand through our fingers, and it causes us to take pause. What is something you recall from your lives, as simple as that.

Your title should be “I REMEMBER _______.”  I remember when man landed on the moon. I remember when President Kennedy was elected. I remember the Beatles first performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. I remember when John Lennon was killed. What do you remember? Remind us all through your poem of what it is you remember.


I Remember John-John’s Third Birthday

My five-year-old eyes
watched a three year old salute
his daddy’s coffin.

© Marie Elena Good, 2020



I was all of thirteen//
still very green//
I mean, I was too young
to have actually gone there.
I was just growing my hair.
All I know is there was this farm.
Acres of open spaces
to sit//stare//prance and dance.
It was a chance to connect
with the land//the bands//
the lovely nymph passing acid,

a nice little lass at that!
Summer never felt hotter.
But I would’ve spotted her, a face
in the crowd//to remember//
to launch a thousand trips.
hair like Jesus//multitudes
of chicks and dudes,
beads and leather vests//chests bared
and fellas with no shirts on too,
true confessions in August//
free love and granola.
Mohair and moon pies//
more music and sex and drugs.
Old man Max threw a bitchin’ party!

But after all these years,
I’m glad I wasn’t invited.
It had ignited this new morality
one which festers til this day.
But I must say, the music can stay!

©Walter J Wojtanik – 2020