• The Tri-fall consists three 6-line stanzas, for a total of 18 lines.
  • The rhyme scheme is a,b,c,a,b,c and meter for each stanza is as follows: 6/3/8, 6/3/8.
  • This form requires little to no punctuation and can be written on any subject matter.




The sky is clear and crisp
I just wish it could stay this way
The breeze blows as a wisp
No better way to spend this day

Why can’t others see it?
I’m perplexed
Peace presented before your eyes
Release your angst, free it
It affects
Our vision of the clear, crisp skies.

Lose yourself in visions
Feel them soothe
The sights that surround us, heal us
It’s your choice, decisions
keep them smooth
The way we view life, reveals us.

©Walter J Wojtanik – 2020

32 thoughts on “INFORM POET – TRI-FALL


    I spy three waterfalls
    in a glen,
    carving into the green hillside;
    below them a wren calls
    from a fen
    in which pink water lilies glide

    in endless little whirls
    as the spray
    from above makes them move about
    in ornamental curls
    as the grey
    morning mist departs with a pout.

    I love this magic time,
    when daylight
    begins to assert its presence
    with hints of song and rhyme,
    and the night
    bids the falls display their essence.

  2. Timeless Shockwaves

    two black holes collided
    into one, sending waves
    that have not subsided
    energy to each other gave

    and seven billion years
    across space
    the hum of this union is real
    ripples like souvenirs
    a slight trace
    to touch this world, wonders reveal

    just like black holes our hearts
    together become a single beat
    not one, but counterparts
    humming with synergy and heat

    (I read a news article about two black holes that merged over seven billion years ago. The shockwaves just reached Earth last year. I was determined to use these black holes in a poem.)

  3. This New Life

    Anxiously I ponder
    this new life–
    businesses closing left and right
    Praise those first responders
    midst of strife
    All searching for a healing light

    Apartment houses vacant.
    sales of homes are down,
    every part of life affected.
    Violence becomes blatant
    people drown
    in storms, others are infected.

    What will Autumn bring us–
    vibrant hues
    of tree’s apparel, new bird song?
    Distraction is a plus,
    before news
    of Flu season coming ‘fore long.

  4. Another tricky and interesting form you pulled out of the hat. One stanza is not so difficult, but three in a row is quite difficult. But fun.

    Freedom’s Fight

    Do you think that God cares
    about us
    and the hole that we’ve dug so deep?
    For the world is not fair
    around us
    Is it so bad it makes God weep?

    It seems Satan’s in charge
    and winning
    United, God’s children are not
    Evil is looming large
    America’s going to pot

    How much more will we take?
    I don’t know
    I know I’ll never take a knee
    When will the people wake?
    We must show
    we’ll fight for the right to stay free

  5. Piety

    Scorched dirt and angry drought;
    dry sorrow,
    without relief all hopes will burn.
    At night wise Moon comes out;
    counsels wise old Moon, “things will turn.”

    Compassion in dawn’s skies,
    a gray cloud
    weeps a torrent, sobs repentance,
    behind, Sun dares to rise,
    pleads aloud,
    “Forgive my burning arrogance.”

    Rain softens, gentle Sun
    touches, strokes and lightly kisses.
    Earth’s love by piety won
    planets who know no such blisses.

    © Damon Dean, 2020

  6. Captive Captivated

    Like small B-52s
    they dogfight
    iridescent fuselages

    dropping by to refuel
    feather light
    daring feints and constant dodges

    tumbling bright jewels
    that delight
    nature’s mysterious hodgepodge

    twirling tops, spinning spools
    whirling flight
    blurs caught in gazing eye can’t lodge

    except in hearts’ deep limpid pools
    poet’s write
    theirs a subtle espionage

    manipulating rules
    to delight
    feather or pen but camouflage.

  7. Water on the Street

    water on the street
    flowing after rain
    a thoroughfare closed
    an errant stream
    an afternoon lost and gained
    the sight of such a flow

    a life incomplete
    begs for something to gain
    a longing the heart knows
    visions of lost dreams
    reflections after a hard rain
    a wondrous flow

    this I repeat
    a poetic refrain
    a longing that grows
    lines form on a sheet
    an afternoon framed
    subtle truths before the mind knows

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