We’ve reached a milestone! This is the 300th Sunday Seed posted under the banner of Poetic Bloomings. This doesn’t take into account the various INFORM POET offerings or your considerations on the Friday prompt. In our comings and goings, this poetic garden has continued to flourish with the most expressive of blooms imaginable. Marie and I have you all to thank for making it so.

So let’s begin this new “century” the way we began the first. Today, I resurrect our first prompt, “It Starts With a Seed”. Here’s the flash back and Marie’s and my original poems for that prompt. Our new efforts will follow in the comments section along with your fine new poem.


Every garden starts with a seed. A small part of the big picture; a beginning. And so we begin at Poetic Bloomings.

The prompt for this Sunday reflects that idea. Write a “seed” poem. It could literally be a seed of a plant, of an idea that sparks a greater effort. It could be the beginning of a life, or whatever you feel would be the start of something big. Get started. That’s a beginning in itself.


** Marie Elena’s poem:


One edges, tidies, snips, and trims,
Who knows nothing of dreams and whims.

One scatters dandelion seeds,
Who understands a daydream’s needs.

By Marie Elena


** Walt’s poem:


Hearts ablaze in an unquenchable fire.
It is desire of the highest power.
It has been left to burn unattended.

It was a cold ember, a lump of coal
sparked with the excitement of a single touch.
Now burning brightly; love inflamed

by Walt Wojtanik.

Happy poeming to all, and enjoy this “Garden Walk” with us today, every Sunday, and continuing throughout the week.


If you wrote to the original prompt, reflect back and maybe use it to re-write a companion poem, or use a form to reconstruct it into a new poem. Whatever you do, plant it here for a fresh new bloom of brilliance.