The endecha is a 16th-century Spanish poetic form with the following guidelines:

  • Quatrain (or four-line) poem (or stanzas).
  • Rhyme scheme: abcb
  • Seven syllables per line for lines one, two, and three.
  • Line four has 11 syllables.



In the dead of night she comes,
For years she had been unseen.
Soft as a whisper, she was,
and now she has escaped from within his dreams.

A gentle soul of lost love,
in search of an equal soul.
He claimed her heart for his own,
but it seemed that her fears had taken their toll.

Once afraid to give her love,
she searched so long for its touch.
the softest of caresses,
the sensation of passion needed so much.

She’s lived in his soul so long;
became a part of his heart.
loving her there from afar,
unconditionally from the very start.

Does she know the depth of love,
that reaches for her through time?
The one true sip of his heart?
The taste of love’s nectar so true, so sublime?

If their love had ever been,
they’d feel its pulse to this day.
But sadly, love not explored,
will languish for a time, and then fade away.

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2020

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    I spied a rusting old truck
    in a field along the road;
    although it retained its shape,
    it was laden with an impossible load

    of asters and Queen Anne’s lace
    and wild grapes and goldenrod
    and, it seemed, its memories
    of when it had mastered the road and the sod.

    It made a compelling sight,
    but as I gazed in wonder,
    I noticed holes in the steel
    where, even now, the whole began to sunder.

    I stopped to take its picture
    and stayed till the sun went down;
    I felt quite at home out there,
    but night fell, and I had to go back to town.

  3. A Leap of Faith

    When you don’t know what to do
    And you feel all a-muddle
    People point every which way
    And you’re growing more confused and befuddled

    You just have to leap forward
    Confident that God can catch
    Trusting that He really cares
    And to His love and goodness there is no match

    Knowing He answers your prayers
    And works all things for your good
    Those who love Him and are called
    Don’t fear, even if all things aren’t understood

    You know He can pull you out
    If you get in way to deep
    He is watching over you
    So you may as well take a deep breath and leap

  4. Around Red Nectar Tubes

    Hummingbirds swarm, angry bees
    territories waived, they fuel
    to fly soon above oceans
    Fall migration wafting on late August breeze.

  5. Serenity In Blue

    Sparkling blue under the sun
    Walls of waves toppling in
    I silently applaud you,
    and when tides tug along pearly shells, I grin.

    Beach plums ripen on the path
    uphill, tougher trek back home.
    I drag my fee through coarse sand,
    turning ’round for last glance, watching frills of foam.

  6. Take a Knee

    It’s so pathetically wrong
    This violence has to end
    Our nation is in turmoil
    Where are the voices calling for this to end?

    Why the deafening silence?
    Left leaning leaders are mute
    This is dirty politics
    Their silence is evidence you can’t refute

    Soon this whole thing will explode
    Good people will rise en masse
    We must take back this nation
    Just hope the point of no return hasn’t passed

    Dear Lord, show us what to do
    Your people need Your strong hand
    We need to get on our knees
    And pray Satan is evicted from our land

  7. Summer Rain

    Far in the distance thunder
    mumbled from deep in dark clouds
    rolling from the north across
    shrinking blue skies, covering like a soiled shroud

    the earth below with shadows,
    creeping promises, forecast
    of a drenching soon to come
    and it did, a blast of wind and rain, then passed

    Even quicker than it came
    and rain sparkled in wee drops
    of glints, glisten and shimmer
    and the birds sang, and peace reigned over the copse.

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  9. Think I’m liking this 777-11 form.
    Another endecha!


    I was thrilled to see my first
    yellow billed cuckoo today.
    Yes, he came to Arkansas
    tho sightings here are somewhat rare, watchers say.

    He perched upon a thin limb
    in a leafy elm, right there,
    peered at me with wary eye,
    bounced, and leapt and flew into the summer air.

    I wonder tho—at what age
    does one start seeing cuckoos
    in abnormal habitats?
    I report it, tho it will not make the news.

    Cornell may argue when I
    say I saw the birds I see,
    and register my sightings,
    and use their apt bird app so readily.

    For I am not a watcher
    at the level of a pro,
    but I will tell them if they
    ask, “I saw the bird I say I saw–I know!

    © Damon Dean, 2020

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