Our month long excursion into poetry had ended. Again, it was a rocky road. The subject didn’t please everyone. After starting out like gangbusters, we sailed into the sunset  with our loyal poets who were able to complete the task! We’ve survived. It always was about our survival.

And so we’ll begin the stretch run to the end of the year touting that fact. Write a survival poem. A completion poem perhaps. What situation (not thinking poetic challenge here) were you able to “survive?”  Which task have you completed with which you are extremely proud?

Again, thank you to all our poets for giving an effort in trying the July prompts. As we get back to “normal” here (at least we can have that) remember that our Sunday Seed is posted weekly. And our Inform Poet hits on Wednesday. Friday’s “For Your Consideration” Flash Fiction/poem prompt will be offered every other Friday. Enjoy the rest of your poetic summer and we’ll see you in the garden!



She was planted with care,
right there
where her dark leaves and white flowers
would give hours of joy each day.
But it hasn’t worked that way.

Years have passed
since she last bloomed.
She seemed entombed
immured, as she simply

until Keith dug her up,
changed the makeup below,
which allowed the free flow
of water to root, and
we can’t dispute the wonder.

Once freed from earth’s clay,
we saw growth the first day.
Now she won’t just survive.
She’ll thrive.

© Marie Elena Good, 2020


SURVIVING LIVES, by Walter J Wojtanik

They come together to live apart,
this art of deception is for both hearts protection.
And yet time passes and two horses asses
have perfected the dance. Romance is feigned
and nothing is gained in the pretense.
Their recompense is small consolation.
They can’t live with; can’t live without.
They stay together for the sake of survival!