We’ve reached the end of the road for another year. I hope you had fun and wrote some good drafts for some extraordinary poetry. There’s just one more poem to write.

Your swan song, your farewell, a goodbye poem, a good riddance poem. And when you speak of us, please be kind. We’re trying our best!


  1. C


    Recently returned from my PAD Tour,
    surprised at how much we laughed,
    how little we cried.
    There was the spirit in Florida
    the one always present, unusually kind.
    and the heart in New York,
    ever generous, truly kind.
    The enthusiastic leggy traveler in Arizona,
    prolific and genuinely kind.
    Oh, and the colorful soul in the NYC area,
    so supportive, so very kind.
    There’s the Middlecreek mystic,
    beautifully expressive, exotic and kind.
    I enjoyed the love coming from Kansas City,
    devoted, faithful and kind.
    I smiled with the stories from Ontario,
    finely tuned and kind.
    Can’t forget that cheerleader from O-Hi-O,
    no greater friend could exist, no one more kind.
    Of course, there’s the Brain from Buffalo,
    creator, leader, truly one of a kind.
    I am sure there’s a city or two I have missed,
    a part of our body I forgot, but
    I’m still feeling the warmth and kindness.
    Please forgive an old man’s faulty memory.
    I don’t remember all that we talked about.
    Talking wasn’t the point, not really.
    There was more being and having than doing going on.
    I know that no one really says goodbye,
    not even when I moved from town to town, topic to topic,
    doing my best to stay kind.
    I think I scrawled about when I died for awhile,
    on that hillside in the jungle, far from home.
    No one’s ever heard the whole of that.
    I know I did not tell them enough about
    how I love what they do, who they are.
    I don’t know if goodbye is important to say,
    not like thank you, I love you, my life is better because of you,
    those you better say before you can’t.

  2. July’s End

    Another July has come and gone
    So now we poets are moving on
    As we look over our creations
    With mix of sadness and jubilation
    Thirty-one poems each, not too bad
    We’ll remember the fun we had
    We’ll miss the poetic company
    Since we get along so wondrously
    Until the weekly Sunday poem
    We’ll write again and then we’ll show’em

  3. FAREWELL WHISPERS, by Walter J Wojtanik

    … And as night draws nigh I hear your soft
    sigh and sweet farewell; your promise
    of a fresh new tomorrow. Your whispers
    ease my sorrow and caress my soul,
    touching my heart with your lilting goodnight.

    • Thanks, Walt, for doing this for all of us. It was a lot of fun, and sparked some interesting words from all. So glad you’re feeling better (at least you seem to be feeling better). Carry on, my friend. And the next time you’re in the Panhandle, let me know. I know this place where the oysters are baked and the view is magnificant.

    • Wonderful piece, Walt. Interestingly, I have tried to post a comment several times, each time consisting of a single satisfied, one-word sigh, but the site is not allowing me to do that.

  4. It’s been another great month of challenges. Thanks to Walt and Marie for their efforts. And thanks to all who participated and commented. Hope we can do it again sooner than later.

    Saying Goodbye

    There’s so many ways to say goodbye
    That I’ve used throughout the years
    Some easy and some difficult
    But most with sadness and tears
    Each with the realization that
    I may never see them again
    I wonder if they think the same
    Of me and the fun that’s been
    Saying goodbye is part of life
    Just need to remember the good
    I wish some goodbyes never happened
    I’d turn back the clock if I could
    But life doesn’t allow us that honor
    We have to take things as they are
    Still saying goodbye can be painful
    As most goodbyes have been so far
    But now that I’m nearing life’s midnight
    My final goodbye’s on the way
    Please ignore the pain and the sadness
    For I’ll see you in Heaven one day

  5. Already

    brassy sunflowers
    and compass plants send up
    their brown and yellow heads
    above webs of browning grass
    sprouted from soybean fields

    Ponds simmer in anticipation
    of August dog days this drawing
    down of it all into the fist of autumn
    nights slipping into a dewy chill
    days blazing withering corn

    into dryness ready for cutting
    leaving stubbled stretches of
    jutting stobs in their jagged rows
    cemeteries of green once
    now gone into hard kernels

    Transformations all from seed
    to stalk and back to seed the hard
    to soft and back to hard again
    only cycles never endings and
    so we too begin again.

  6. July Musings

    You win some
    you lose some,
    but you get
    your day in court.
    Birthdays at
    the beach, music
    to teach, bridges
    to walk, malls
    in which we talk
    about people
    and what they
    eat. Sunsets
    that can’t be
    beat. To The Class
    of 2020, we wish
    you well. Farewell!


    “Farewell” is so final;
    “fare-thee-well” is too cute;
    “so long” is indefinite
    and so slangy to boot

    What’s needed is a word
    that’s more beauty than blah;
    that says good-bye with some music:
    and so, aloha!

  8. The Road Ends, but It Doesn’t

    At the beach there’s a song
    currents and cross currents
    only water ahead
    I could turn around, but I stay for now.
    Visions of clouds
    visions of gray waters touching the sky
    fill my wandering mind.
    Winds from unknown places
    pound waves onto shore
    before they recede.
    I linger, and my mind replays
    soft whispers of affection
    recalling a journey taken
    with a loved one back home.

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